Excuse me, ma’am, am I doing this right…?

Okay, so here I am, a fully-fledged certifiable nutter with a one percent chance of getting any of this stuff right first time. The first two blog posts surprisingly resulted in neither an arrest nor any report of mass suicides anywhere on the planet. So far, so good. Let it not be thought, however, that I actually understand any of this gobbledegook we call home here on the web. Familiar? Stay aboard, there’s more. Tweet Deck is now up and if not actually running, maybe stumbling along fairly well…at least I don’t have to scroll through ten zillion tweets every morning to see if anything’s relevant to me. I’ve caught the infection of RT-ing other authors’ works and am pleasantly surprised as to how good that feels, helping other lost souls like me on here. Generous writers who can really write have been open-handed with their blogs and interview/review posts to include some of my lunatic ramblings ( see “NICE FOLKS SAYIN’ABOUT ME” page attached to my blog… neat sophistication right there, huh?…sounds almost like a genuine author’s blog, heaven forfend). Now comes the biggy… my next novel is nearing completion, well, it should be done before 2018 at any rate and the pros are telling me to start nudging it out there already. Notices in the local supermarket and telling my next door neighbours is a good start I think, as well as alerting Uncle Fred and Auntie Mabel to stand by ready to purchase on day one and send it rocketing up the best seller charts. That’s the theory anyway. And like everything else I’m told on here , of course I believe it. VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK (already copyrighted, so pirates be gone), should be ready for Kindle-ing toward the end of July (this year…only kidding earlier). I suspect my faithful followers (both of them) will support this bludgeoning of the scribblers art with all the impact of a chocolate teapot on a stove. Oh, the triumph of hope over mundane practicality shines undimmed in this poor Scottish breast o’mine…meantime, the minders are letting me type even with my pajamas on, so it should get finished on time…don’t forget to send the ice cream, lots of ice  cream…until later……..picture of candle-powered writing desk with quill pen fades into sepia…………


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4 responses to “Excuse me, ma’am, am I doing this right…?

  1. Spoken in a true Seumas Gallacher humor. 🙂 Vengeance Wears Black is a cool title!


  2. I’m impressed by the flow and the effortless (read that: seemingly effortless, since a lot of work can go into making something appear effortless) humor. By the way, I’m American, so you’ll have to add your own “u’s” to my -or ending words, just as I have to subtract them from your sentences. Reading is sometimes as complicated as writing, eh?

    So… I’m following your blog, Seumas, and looking forward to your posts.

    Good writing! And I agree with the other bloke that your title is cool!


  3. Susan Buchanan

    Well, Seumas, you hit the nail on the head on the first line – certifiable nutter! Excellent post – your Glasgow banter and Scottish humour coming through even more this time. Long live self-deprecation! Until the next one, Sooz


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