Bright? Sharp as a billiard ball, me, with all this stuff…

The next stop on the lunatic express to Writer-dom for this old buzzard is my catching on, slowly…ever so slowly… to the truism… if you put nothing in, expect to get nothing out… So now we’re still mulling over the author’s bane, the ‘building a platform’ bit…in the old days, they used to say, ‘build it and they shall come’… well whoever the ‘they’ are supposed to be, didn’t know toffee about how the social media works. You CAN’T just build it and they’ll come, you’ve gotta work your sweet butt to hell and back to make it happen, kiddo. That means. at least for me, getting connected. Then staying connected. After that, connect some more. They tell me authors don’t like to push themselves on to other people. A-hem. Are you kidding me? I’ve been talking, in the virtual sense, y’understand, to hundreds of fellow nutters, disguised as writers, on here. And y’know what? Most of them LOVE to communicate. That’s what we do, guys and gals! So don’t hang back on your ReTweeting on Twitter, and FaceBook and Goodreads etc. Get in there with pushing your message out into the ether, whisper a murmured blessing of thanks to Messrs Gates and Zuckerberg (and Al Gore) for building all this marvellous web medium to ‘reach out and touch, somebody new, etc’…What if, I hear you plead, folks think I’m too pushy, that this is like spamming? Hell, if you were in any other business you’d be screaming at people about your work, and your prowess, and your Grannie’s connection with this great name and that wonderful fella, and so on. If people don’t like your messages, they can simply vote with their thumbs and click it away. Simple. There’s thousands out there just like you and me who DO understand the rigours and blog, blood, sweat, and tears that goes into your literary masterpieces, and THEY are more likely to use their thumbs and ReTweet and forward your message to a waiting and grateful world. And you know the best and most wondrous thing of it all? We… me… and you… and you…and yes, you too… can play a large part in it by ReTweeting as many forwarding request messages as you see from others on the Timelines, even ( and maybe, particularly) names that you don’t even know. Then you’re helping somebody else, and it costs you nothing but a movement of your thumb…Sharp as a billiard ball I still am, but the lights are slowly getting brighter… now where did I put that bucket of ice cream?… it’s time for my nap… see you all later…


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7 responses to “Bright? Sharp as a billiard ball, me, with all this stuff…

  1. A message from the ‘Social Media Secret Society’:
    Just by chance I stumbled upon the code for deciphering the secret formula for social media success. It was written by a gentleman of sterling character so I thought I would share with you his last dying words as it was not until the very end that he learned how all this works!
    His last words:
    “I have found how to control the monster of social media.”
    “The last time I twittered my blog I googled all over my facebook.”
    Understand, that when you post on your blog,if you also share it to twitter, google and facebook you save mountains of time that you can spend doing other things such as writing. (some people even link everything so that their social media sites are all linked and each post is shared automatically but early on, an app for this failed and for over a week I struggled to catch up. ie: share to twitter which is linked to facebook and google) This technique will become part of the posting process eventually and helps you to avoid visiting said site therefore escaping the pull they have once you are actually there. Set aside a specific time for actually visiting each social media venue in your schedule and then do everything in your power to stick to it. It seems you can never do just one tweet, google or fb message so give them their time justified by what you can reasonably allot them which helps you stay in control, just saying.
    signed: Sharing Retweeter of Googledom


  2. I am multi-indebted to ‘Sharing Tweeter of Googledom’ for this further addiition to an old Jurassic’s virtual-world education.These are the hard-earned gems of knowledge and wisdom gleaned at the coal front of forced labour in the Gulag that is a writer’s lot. ‘Linkage’ is henceforth the buzzword key to Authoring Nirvana on the eternal quest to ‘build that infernal platform’. My undying gratitude m’Lady.. :):)


  3. Susan Buchanan

    Great post Seumas and as someone with a Sales background, i can confess to not having been remotely prepared for the toil that would have to go into this and the joy I get back out of being connected to fellow nutters, er I mean writers. Also think Sharing Retweeter of Googledom has some valid points, although I still don’t want all tweets to go to FB. I would not be popular! Must find way round this. Ta ta fur noo, Sooz


    • I feel the same about the overage of tweets being reposted. That is why I Tweet, G+ and FB my blog post at the bottom of each when I publish them. I have seen the circle of sharing by auto apps to FB pages and do not like the presentation. But to each his own. It only takes a few seconds to share each post. Have fun with it you guys and good luck! I have learned so much since this gig started and most of it I do without thinking about it! Just ask if you need help with something!


  4. Another excellent post, Seumas. Yeah, it is a thin line between self-promotion and spam, isn’t it? But, you can’t go wrong by RTing … and whatever the equivalent is on FaceBook. Is there an equivalent? Anyway, your post is entertaining and useful.


  5. Thank you Jay. I can’t express just how much your great support means to me… you and others like you are the heroes we marvel at .. have a wonderful wee
    k, that man..! :):)


  6. jumeirajames

    ‘The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary’

    I didn’t want to go down the route of doing hard work to promote my (soon to be published book) I wanted to lie somewhere hot and sandy with a drink in my hand (my back-garden in Dubai is perfect for that). But it looks like I’ll need to get off my assets and do some grafting.
    My daughter shouted yesterday ‘there’s a call for you from Speilberg’ turned out to be Sainsbury’s wanting to know where to deliver the vegetables to. Honestly, my life!

    So, onwards and upwards.


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