…Oh, bring me that sweet, sweet, Forrest Gump moment…

There’s no narcotic, hallucinogenic or otherwise, no mind-altering substance, no alcoholic liquor, so addictively seductive as the sensation that engulfs an author when he or she is visited by that brief hypnotic instant when the last letter, of the last sentence, of the last paragraph of THE BOOK is written. That miracle of human non-understanding first descended on this ‘umble scribe just over three years ago when he found himself floating five feet in the air after finishing THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY. I’m certain there’s hundreds of thousands of fellow scribblers out there who know precisely what I’m talking about. The conventional wisdom (wisdom? authors? wisdom? a-hem. okay) will dictate that it only ever happens once, the first time. Right?… Wrong!! A few days ago lightning struck the second time, as the last full stop was popped on to the end of VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, and back it came in waves. Those of a cinematic bent will well recall the moment in that movie when the massively over-bearded Master Gump slowed to a halt with dozens of runners around him, and muttered, “I’m done, I’m going home.” Switch the scene to my writing den…the carpet was a yard below my feet for hours. Most who know me will aver that I’m generally pretty much incommunicable at the best of times, but for these few hours, not even the Higgs Boson God particle could reach me. So, there you have it now, the reason in large part why this quill-dabbler at least will continue to squander vast stretches of his life and brainpower in lieu of normal everyday human interface. I’m in search of the next hit. If you need to be in touch over the next eon or so, I can be reached on a planet somewhere between Saturn and my laptop… Hush… the warder’s coming… have to go… see you later…


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10 responses to “…Oh, bring me that sweet, sweet, Forrest Gump moment…

  1. Carpet in Abu Dhabi? I’m shocked!
    And … enjoy your trip home. Run, Seamas, run!
    (Can you run to Scotland from there?)


    • …you’re obviously unaware of the magic carpets that float around here a la Ali Baba… Persian and otherwise… running to anywhere from here is quite straightforward, but alas, as we know, we can run, but we cannot hide… :):):)


  2. Well put description of the sheer ecstasy of writing the last sentence! I will admit to an almost insane laughter coupled with tears! A joy that engulfs you and the floaty feeling, well that might be sleep deprivation but still its AWESOME! It is good Seumas, really good. Now get over to Stage32.com and join. That is where the ‘movie’ types are… tell them OG sent you!


  3. Seumas, you have mastered the art of the blog, and I have a hunch from the roll and ramble of your sentences, here, you do a creditable job on the birthing bed of your other creative endeavors (I know you’re just dying to add a “u” after the “o”, so let me do it for you “endeavours”). Bless you my dear friend. Keep ’em comin’!


    • I don’t believe a misplaced ‘o’ or ‘u’ here or there will come between us…. it didn’t prevent Churchill and Roosevelt from sustaining a formidable alliance … I’ll take the liberty if I may of DM-messaging to you on a different author-related issue. Some matters of an author-y nature are oftentimes best kept away from the public fora’ s eyes… :):)


  4. Beautifully put! Yes indeed – a truly wondrous feeling; something between ecstasy and relief with a teeny squidgen of ‘I-CAN’ thrown in! I’m hoping for a fifth experience sometime this year…or maybe early next year the way things are going! Keep ‘er lit, Seumas! Great post as always. 🙂


  5. You’re so right, it IS a wonderful moment–just like giving birth to a child. And it never gets old or loses the magic, no matter how many books one writes. 🙂


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