…They’re gonna put me in the movies…gonna make a big star outa me…

This blog comes with several warnings. First, it comes with my standard mental health warning… reading this stuff can do SERIOUS damage to your brain. Secondly, you may need to have  a translator at the ready to understand the content of the attached YOUTUBE clip. Thirdly, it probably shouldn’t be watched without a safety net, and should certainly NEVER be watched  at home, unless under the guidance of children… Now, cutting to the chase ( why do people say that? What ‘chase’? ) At the risk of throwing a potentially ticking time bomb into next years Oscar Awards ceremony, yours truly has undertaken to appear on film, for the first time since that police thing, which really was ALL a complete misunderstanding. The resultant YOUTUBE presentation awaits your morbid gaze, the attachment can be clicked above. Already I’ve received loud murmurings from Mel Gibson and the producers of ‘Braveheart’ about dress code, and another from solicitors acting on behalf of Sean Connery’s voice coach…The accent may be difficult for some, being a heady mix of Neanderthal Scottish brogue and demented author-speak, but persevere with it and you may get to understand every third word…Your feedback may be taken down and used in evidence against you, but would be very much appreciated (we author-y types live in such a secluded, cloistered world…) Oops, I hear the keys of the night watch rattling in the lock…I’d better hustle back into bed… see you later …


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16 responses to “…They’re gonna put me in the movies…gonna make a big star outa me…

  1. Och, Seamas! That wee video wiz pure dead brilliant, so it wiz!


  2. Brilliant Seumas, absolutely loved it! Best to you, Ruth


  3. I understood you perfectly well. Good job, Seumas. Best of luck with your newest novel.


  4. Seumas, must confess I’m jelous of your skirt-wearing aplomb 🙂


  5. Helen White

    Nice one Seumas! You’ve actually got one of those lovely softish Scottish accents, lovely to listen to! Sean Connery? Pah! Not worth the money they should hire you instead!


  6. I understood 🙂 I will get your book as soon as I’m paid!! I’m really looking forward to reading it, if the cover art is anything to go by it’ll be a good read!!


  7. Nope, not a word love… only joking. Wonderful to hear your voice. Well done that man 🙂


  8. Karen

    Well done, sir! Getting to know about you is proving to be very funny…er, uh, I mean fascinating! But seriously, thanks for being unpretentious. It makes approaching you and your literary works a fun ride which is very attractive to others. So, I’m off to buy your books. Which one would you suggest I read first?

    Bon chance good fellow!


    • Thanks for the comments **blush, blush**.. if you have both books already, the first was The Violin Man’s Legacy” which I think will set you up well for Vengeance Wears Black, although of course, each book can stand alone .. started the third pine yesterday morning… onwards and upwards .. :):) Have a great week, m’Lady … mwaaah xxxx


  9. josie magsombol

    hmmm im not wondering maybe next time you will be the one of the hollywood actor… (Brad Pitt) lol…while im reading your book im thinking that this is really good to play in a real movie.. much interesting to watch all the character has strong personality.. huh.. critique.. love you SG..


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