… how crazy can a Scotsman be?… don’t you dare answer that, Percy!…

Here’s where I feed myself to the publishing cognoscente, shred by miserable greenhorn shred. Something in my birthright all these eons ago when I first gatecrashed into this thing called humanity has always seemed to rail against the accepted norms. I rejoice in breaking the rules. “Yes Mrs Gallacher, we accept that most children will urinate in the swimming pool, but not from the high diving board”…. you know the sort of thing…Those of you with that masochistic strain in your choice of reading matter, who have tracked any of my blogs will know by now that I find difficulty in tagging along with ‘that’s the way things are done around here, sonny’, preferring instead to ask the dumb question, ‘WHY?’ …f’rinstance, I was told I HAD to get an agent. Yeah? didn’t happen yet. I was told I HAD to find a publisher. Yeah? Wouldn’t recognize one if she was in the bathtub with me. I was told to send out tons of ‘begging’.., no strike that, they call them ‘query’ letters now,,..THAT won’t be happening again any time soon I can assure you. And so on, and so on, and so on.. . Now the conventional ‘wisdom’ says you DON”T give a free promotion at the start of your marketing, (read ‘selling’) campaign, but backload it when your sales are sagging…There’s that stupid birthright thing of mine butting in again, WHY? At the last count there have been something like 2,875,980,711 authors before me. I bet they all didn’t wait until the horse had done the ‘goodbye’ bit to the stable door before deciding that getting your name OUT THERE was more important than the present shilling in the mitt …Net result, as of today for 3 days , I am a non-repentant up-fronter-free-promo-vanguarder for the ‘Smack ‘Em Where It DOESN’T Hurt’ party.. it may all end in tears, with the assorted clever clogs laughing me all the way out of Writers Town, but at least I’ll have a go… I’ll let you know how it fares… meantime if you wanna grab a freebie Kindle download of VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, be my guest at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008H45KJC

…I’ll just go and sketch out my Will now …see you later…


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4 responses to “… how crazy can a Scotsman be?… don’t you dare answer that, Percy!…

  1. josie magsombol

    again, congratulation for your endeavour works!! im really happy for you, God bless you and always take care!!! hug and kisses… xoxo


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