…quiet, please…and the Award goes to…

No matter how mundane, mediocre, and miserable the general lot that befalls the life of a writer, into each of their souls betimes will fall that wondrous shining light that represents the presence of true luminaries of the profession. This ‘umble scribblin’ serf has recently been the recipient of much such coruscation (go on, look it up— I had to …)…  There are legions of you out there to whom my growing gratitude will never be matched by my capacity to say ‘thanks’ enough, but here are a sprinkling (more in future blogs, I promise)…

@Ogtomes ..the Award of Sorceress Supreme..a Support Squad all encapsulated in one person. A giggling joy to banter with on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and any other medium you can lay your laptop on…

@relatetojody…(Jody Ballard) the Award of BlogPage Paparazzi Par Excellence. Her intrepidness stretched to persuading me to allow the mugshots that frighten away the cockroaches at the top of this page. (Guess which one is really Brad Pitt in disguise)…and for my recent YouTube clip that excited absolutely no-one in Hollywood last week…

@scarberryfields…the Award of Queen of the ReTweets…if I had a dollar for every supporting RT she’s broadcast selflessly on behalf of our fellow scribes in the past year, I could wipe out the Euro Debt mountain tomorrow…

@mcswainandbeck…the Award of Empress of Best Buddies… another selfless pusher of others’ works, and Keeper-Up-Of-The-Standards across ‘Merika, where “all things is possible, young ‘un”…

@EdwardGGordon..not leastly, but lastly, the winner of the ‘How-The Hell-Does-He-Find-The-Time-To-Do-All-That?’ Award…not only does he pump out at least three online newspapers that I’m aware of , ‘Men’s World’, ‘My Tweeters’, and ‘Romantic Liaisons’ (There’s probably more stashed away that I haven’t found yet), but he glides across Facebook and Twitter like some friendly poltergeist… AND he does book reviews as well… which brings me on nicely (cue in, Cedric, please— drum roll at the very least) to this amazingly generous critique review that he’s just done on my newest fledgling baby, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK.. . all jest aside, I am truly flattered by his take on it, and will use that as a spur to get deeper entangled in this wonderful world of word-ies. The link for the review is right here (see how easy I made that for you?)…


…I can hear matron’s footfall approach… I have to scurry back into bed before the injections…see you later


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8 responses to “…quiet, please…and the Award goes to…

  1. Thank you so much for the generous words. I am humbled by the humor and kindness you bestow on all of us on Twitter. Continued success with The Violin Man’s Legacy and Vengeance Wears Black. You rock!!!


  2. Congratulations on the fine review, Seumas. The balanced, non-gushy ones pack a whale-of-a-lot more verisimilitude, don’t you agree? Good luck with the sales.


  3. Absolutely agree, Jay . cheers, Sir.., enjoying your ‘Journey’ still :):)


  4. Call me Casper, Seumas, lol. Wait until I get my other two writing sites off the ground and then you’ll wonder whether I’m not really a robot masquerading as a man.

    Funny as hell post Seumas with just the right touch of serious. Something to be learned from this I think. Cheers man.


  5. josie magsombol

    cheers guys!! and the award goes to… “Vengeance Wears Black” by Seumas Gallacher.. more book to publish please!!! your getting there.. Congrats really for your wonderful imagination!! mwhaaa love you…


    • Mwaaah very big… your support was always wonderful , and even so now,,, love you to invite others to follow the blog, Josie,,,just clicking on the notice at the right hand side on here .. :):) ( No royalties or commissions for that., I’m afraid !! :):) LOL


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