…invitation to fill vacancies for Guest Bloggers…lunacy a decided attribute…apply here…

A full three months has passed since the inauguration of this ‘ere  blog… and it only seems like twelve or thirteen weeks …how time flies when you’re enjoying yourself…now that I’ve come up for air, and sniffed the need for a little wind of change, if not a full blown gale, it’s INVITATION TIME. I was given my first ever guest space on the blog of the lovely Tanja Segal, @TanjaArtStudio a few days ago, and enjoyed that experience immensely…it makes sense for this ‘umble scribe to smarten up this joint ‘ere with some REAL bloggers…namely, YOURSELVES… The RULES are very simple and are listed here:

…got it? Right. I can only think of around a million reasons why sensible, upstanding, sober, respected writers would refuse to pen something here, but beyond those, the door is open… the portals to my little blog would rejoice  in welcoming the shadows of greatness that all and each of you would bestow on it… please think it over, by all means check your insurance policy, natter with your agents, consult with your astrologer, ask the wife, and jump aboard…tags and links and loops into your own favourite sites (i.e. your own) are expected. Photographs of you, visitors, would hang on the gallery here, as well as cover shots of your written offerings (please, please, don’t send money, as I don’t want to start a trend…) On top of the volunteer element, be advised, nay, warned, that I’ll be issuing a few none-too-gentle tappings on the shoulders of some of you whom I’ve come to know and love on ‘ere to implore you to participate in this Festival of Making-Gallacher’s-Blog-Brighter…Now off you go and start banging out something for me to bask in the reflected glory of… ( There’s ANOTHER sentence ended with a preposition… sheesh, will I NEVER learn?)…It’s time for my nap again…where did matron stash my jim-jams this time…?…


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14 responses to “…invitation to fill vacancies for Guest Bloggers…lunacy a decided attribute…apply here…



  2. You might have to tap me on the shoulder and remind me, but I’d be happy to be a guest on here. I think I’ll need to wear a costume while I’m writing though, so it’ll bring out the crazy in my words. 🙂


  3. I’d be glad to guest for you, Seumas, but I’ll need to put on one o’ my costumes to get in the crazy mood to write on this wild ‘n crazy wall! 🙂


  4. Hello!

    Today I read your invitation and |I thought: “Why not?” So… tell me, pls., ‘how’ and ‘what’ to do … It’ll be interesting to exchange ideas, feelings and experiences – mainly if you consider that my mother language is Portuguese and I am brazilian! CHEERS!

    … Till soon!
    Mirna Cavalcanti


  5. Hi Mirna,

    I’d be delighted to have you post a guest blog!! Quite simply, you can write about ANYTHING you want to, (so long as it won’t get me sent to jail! ) If you have any links to your own blog and/or anything such as your own books/poetry/writing/ideas you want to mention , that can go in there also ..Feel free ..cheers ..Seumas


  6. That sounds fun – count me in! Am sure I can think of something bonkers to write about …


  7. Jo, come away in, pull up a chair, and make yourself at home…glad to hear from you m’Lady…:):)


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