…ask not what social networks can do for you…ask what you can do for social networks…

That oft-quoted alphabetic genius, Sam Goldwyn, is credited with coining the phrase, ‘…a verbal contract’s not worth the paper it’s written on…’…I think the same thing can be said about entries in Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Blogs, and all the other goblin-ish, fiendish, incomprehensible media that has deluged my life since Al Gore told me all these years ago how he’d invented the World Wide Web just for me…they’re just not worth the paper they’re written on…they’re worth MUCH more …What? They’re not written on paper ? I..I..I..I knew that…but my point is in there somewhere… the worth belongs to the beholder (in pretty much the same way as does the visual assessment of beauty)…at the risk of shoehorning some subliminal advertising in here for the credit card industry, social media usage in many cases can be PRICELESS…what value, young sir, would you place on camaraderie? or you, ma’am on an affirmatory caressing of your writer’s ego? or, heaven forfend, the chance in a billion that some agent or publisher will catch your gems across the ether filters and ring today with the ten-book and six-film contracts? Nay, it’s worth more than all of these presents put together…the bond of sharing, of getting on the same wave-lengths ( however eccentric they may prove to be), is glorious reward for the hours, days, months and decades spent ‘working’ on the internet…There exist on here more ‘-ships’ than in ten Armadas– Friend-ships, Pal-ships, Buddy-ships, Mate-ships, Etcetera-ships, Etcetera-ships…the message is clear, don’t miss any of these boats—get aboard the networks, join the banter, swap the invisible calling cards across the laptoposphere… be PART of it all… it’s great fun…and if you wanna find a little time to do some writing while to you’re at it, be my guest…I’m just off to find a new carbon paper for my Mac…see you later…


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7 responses to “…ask not what social networks can do for you…ask what you can do for social networks…

  1. Susan Buchanan

    personally I just wondered where Matron was today. Day off? You’re right about the friendships we all make on social networking, particularly Twitter (my preferred network). Have made many great friends on Twitter, including yourself and hope to make many more. Have been, however, ignoring Twitter a bit more than usual (down to 3-4 hours a day! woo hoo!) in an attempt to write more! Sooz


  2. I’m sure Matron’s got the key to the stationery cupboard, where she MUST be hiding the carbon paper for the computers … LUV YA !! “):):)


  3. Very true, i have made many amazing friends through social networks and as Susan said my preferred is Twitter, but i’m still loyal to Facebook.


    • I just recently in the past few weeks came on to Facebook as an addition to Twitter, but I enjoy dancing around them all, so long as there’s banter going on, it’s live, and it’s great LUVIN’ IT!! thanks for sharing, partner …following your blog now…:):):) Cheers


  4. You sir…are a scallywag. I can already see that. One very large reason I just jumped on your train…:)


  5. def. of ‘scallywag’ is ‘scamp’ or ‘rascal’ ,, I’ll take that as the nicest thing i’ve been dubbed in decades !! Cheers , that man .. welcome aboard .. :)::)


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