…on your marks, get set…watch that paint, please…

I take no issue with anyone who competes in any sport, let alone those who percolate to the pinnacle of Olympic standards, but I have to ‘fess up right here that I roll around helpless on the carpet every time I watch the start of the walking races…d’you know the ones I mean?…the competitors get ready, crouch in that intense pre-race athletic pose, and when the pistol pops, they sprint(?), er..streak(?), er.. amble almost into the start of the race…in fact, they’re usually about a minute or two into the event before anybody realizes it’s already started… Why, you ask, am I referring to this?…I’m glad you asked…Coz I’m about to embark in a similar sort of activity, albeit in a parallel discipline…free book promotion time…believe me, as all you indie authors out there’ll verify, it’s every bit demanding as some of the stuff being served up in the London events this week…AND it’s so much like the walking race…you alert the usual suspects, the Kindle freebie Twitter channels, the blog bit, the klaxon announcement on Facebook, the Goodreads ‘come-to-the-event-invitation’ where nobody actually ‘comes-to’ anywhere…it’s all virtual, but hey, who am I to challenge the Web-by Universe’s way of doing things?…You line up the Kindle Select People (who ARE these masked men, anyway?) …and off you go… the promo goes ‘live’ …the excitement is akin to that of watching paint dry…you wait for the downloads trickle to turn into..another trickle.. and if you’re really lucky, in come Uncle Bert and Auntie Mabel again with their downloads…ah. family, doncha love ’em?…and so it goes on for the length of time you’ve booked the freebie for…I’m doing mine this coming week…so DON’T say you haven’t been warned…from Wednesday, August 15th until Monday, August 19th (until close of business West Coast Pacific time…yeah, go California…)…you can for FREE, download THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY, my first offering from last year that astounded me more than anyone else on the planet by hitting well over 25,000 downloads (I never knew I had that many relatives, seriously, folks). So, if you wish to continue to make a happy man feel very old, you need not sprint, but amble on over to your Kindle supplier and download at your leisure…I’ll be waiting at the finish line with the Gatorade and blister pads…meantime, gotta go lie down, my medicine’s due soon…quite exhausted I am, Matron…


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17 responses to “…on your marks, get set…watch that paint, please…

  1. HAH…you’re a loon, my friend. I haven’t gone through the whole process yet. (did try watching paint dry once…But the Jack Daniels made it more interesting than it really was.)
    Incredible good fortune to you…let me know if I can be of assistance…
    Warm Regards, Thomas


  2. Peterj

    Yes, I do confess, the Olympic walking reminds me somewhat of you in yer kilt sir. Quick pace hold those cheeks together, left right left


  3. By the by, did you ever hook up with Bob?


  4. God, I’m exhausted just watching you train and prepare. I need a coffee! Best of luck.


  5. LOL…I see you have a sense of humor, my kind sir. Loved your post!
    Faye in the US


  6. LOL…I see you have a great sense of humor. I like that. Anyway, great post! Hope to see you on here and FB again.

    Faye M. Tollison
    Author of: TO TELL THE TRUTH


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