…’s wunnerful when a plan comes together, isn’t it?…

There wasn’t a single haggis sandwich in sight, nary even the sniff of that Scottish delicacy, Fried Chocolate Mars bars…a whisper in the right waiter’s ear, however, could produce a splash or three of decent malt Scotch Whisky, so my birthright heritage was preserved. For there was I, resplendent in full dress kilt, hosting the book signing and launch of VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK in that premier centre of Scottish cultural heritage, Abu Dhabi…the superb people at The Beach Rotana Hotel pulled out all the stops and did me proud (but I think alerting Interpol was perhaps a bit over the top)…Being firmly established myself at the bottom of the Z-list, thankfully an array of Abu Dhabi’s A-listers provided a much needed balance to the entire affair… many turned up in their best frocks, (even the ladies), and a good time was had by all…the expected age-old question was thrown at me several times in the course of the evening, “Is anything worn under the kilt?”…to which, as usual, I was obliged to respond, “If there was anything worn underneath, this would be a skirt, not a kilt!”…However, I think I now have an inkling as to why Billy Shakespeare wrote so many works…I think he probably had a book launch for his first effort, and got the adrenaline surge that comes with having it out there, and decided to keep pumping out more books… it was the launches he was after, (and maybe a Fried Mars Bar or two)…if ever there was an incentive to get the next tome finished, a book signing and launch is right up there in the motivation stakes…Right, I’m going to lie down now and daydream about the next one… nurse, where’s my pills ?…


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15 responses to “…’s wunnerful when a plan comes together, isn’t it?…

  1. Brilliant Seumas. I’m so glad it worked out well for you. It looked a proper glitzy do! When I’m earning enough from writing to need to avoid the tax man, erm, I mean to be able to afford holidays, I’ll be over to see you! 🙂


    • You have a standing invitation, David,, just get yourself on a flight out here .. your room’s ready. ( no B/S ) love having guests over… and the weather is turning tolerable now.. :):) cheers .. JUST DO IT !!


  2. Boy do you look the part Seumas! Hope everything went well – this is a book that deserves to go to the top of the charts.


  3. David parkinson

    Glad it went well Seumas pity I am in Doha and not Abu Dhabi


  4. You look all civilized. Don’t tire yourself too much, now. ;-P


  5. I’m wiping a proud tear from my eye and smiling very broadly, my friend. Am so excited for you and delighted that you had such a wonderful night. Full steam ahead, Sir Seamus – I’m willing to bet that your kilt will have many more such outings!


  6. Gary

    Goodbye, I am so pleased to keep reading about your success and can only watch from a distance when I would prefer to be in the room….hello


  7. Goodbye… it’d be good to ‘ave yer in the room, big man .. hello


  8. (Belated) congratulations from the ‘strangers’ you met in reception and so kindly offered your driver – and your wonderful company – to!

    Read the first book – and loved it! – looking forward to starting the second.

    Lennie and Dave (Melbourne)


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