…can’t get no satisfaction..sez who?…

I wonder how many fellow writers out there have experienced that strange phenomenon that has visited me recently? As a fairly new convert to the Scribers Union, part of my programme has involved speaking at gatherings of readers groups and writers associations, describing the wonders of this marvellous miracle called ‘finishing-a-novel-for-the-first-time-in-my-life.’ Now that I’ve got two published books under my belt, the buzz is no less hyperbolic. Now, here’s the phenomenon…it seems that I’m now a magnet for myriad manuscripts, albeit, clutched in various fists of budding novelists, who up until now, have kept these hidden away in garrets and attics, and old family chests… Now comes your ‘umble servant, full of the joys of laptop-ism, and a Grade-Z student of the internet…the overwhelming unspoken sense seems to be..’if THAT clown can do it, so can we..!”… and let me let you into the NON-secret—YES, you can nudge out that novel, belt out that book, manipulate that manuscript, sculpt that script, and generally, uncover that book that everyone professedly has in their own DNA…these lovely people talk to me now with that endearing belief that because I’m a new author I must have the secret key to how to do all of this,..this is equalled only by my own befuddled bemusement of really how to do it all…I can only say to them, with all the encouragement I can muster…yes, you’re right, if THIS clown can do it…so can you….Unlike my old mucker, Mick Jagger, we CAN get satisfaction…enjoy it guys and gals…BTW ( that’s internet-speak for ‘by the way”), there’ll be two final free Kindle  promotion days for VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, September 6th and 7th this week… help yourselves…you’re welcome.

The links are listed below :

Link for Amazon UK


Link for Amazon US :



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6 responses to “…can’t get no satisfaction..sez who?…

  1. Seumas I agree, finishing a book is satisfaction.
    Una Tiers


  2. Coming from a person who’s well into VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, I can say the writer’s no clown and has spent — I’ll bet — a goodly amount of time honing his craft. Good luck with your promotion and remind me a day or so ahead of time if you need a hand.


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