…becoming a legend in my own lunch-time…

One of the strangest foibles of human nature is the lunacy of doing the same actions over and over again and expecting different results as a consequence…part of the discovery trail that I’ve been trudging so happily recently involves getting out of my comfort zone, changing my routine, doing what my betters exhort me to do, not just listening to them and nodding like the five-dollar plastic puppy on the car back window… I’ve been told, instructed, advised, …nay… ordered… to get out and about as an author and tell the world about my work as a writer…Now, most scribblers that I’ve met, both online and face-to-face (yes, that still happens), will aver that they write… plain and simply, write… The original wordsmith-y deal didn’t come packaged with the duties of marketing, spouting in public places, book signings, launches, local newspaper and magazine pieces  and all of that mesmerizing stuff that belongs surely to showbizzies?…Well, the wake-up alarm is well and truly trilling, the klaxon kall is klattering, the siren  is screeching…we, this happy band of Thesaurus-thumping penspeople are obliged to clone ourselves…to be half-novelist, half-public-speaker and half entertainer  (I know, I know, I know, that’s one and a half already.. math was never my strong suit…) This morning it was my privilege to be the guest speaker at a local Ladies Group in Abu Dhabi…every red-blooded male’s best dream come true, right?… a room full of more than sixty women, and yours truly, the lone male…I wasn’t sure if I’d died and gone to Heaven ,..or died and gone to Hell…it turns out that these lovely ladies were a wonderful listening audience, and when it came to the Q and A session, were terrific (no, Mabel, they didn’t ask things thing like ‘what do you put on your toast in the mornings’…) the time allotted virtually flew by, and incredibly, it seems they ALL wanted to take away copies of my novels…so the message in there for me at least, and probably for most of my writing peers is simple..GET OUT THERE, become a legend in your own lunch-time…enjoy being a media tart… it looks good on the curriculum vitae… and it’s FUN…however, a little warning is in order…I’ve found myself taking to standing in front of mirrors, peeking to see ‘what’s my best side?’  ‘does this pose cut it?’ …’d’ye think a bit of Botox is called for?’… oh, I could go on, but the nurse’s is on the way with that stuff that makes me sleep till morning, must go…see you later …


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20 responses to “…becoming a legend in my own lunch-time…

  1. The kilted Scotsman in Abu Dhabi wowing the local ladies? Sounds like you’re having a grand ould time, Sir Seumas…and deservedly so. Getting out of your comfort zone is daunting but can be incredibly rewarding – if anyone had told me a year ago that this reclusive little wallflower would be taking creative writing workshops at local schools I’d have laughed my purple and pink striped socks off but I absolutely LOVE it and am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to encourage 12 year-olds to write. The whole ‘media tart’ thing definitely has its silver linings!


  2. As always, Seumas, you’re informative and entertaining. And the always punctual nurse? Give her a wink. It’ll make her wonder.


  3. Oh my sweet Lord….Seumas Gallacher, turned loose on a roomful of fair (and unsuspecting) maidens…I thought I felt the floor tremble a bit ago…
    Good and sage advice, my friend…full speed ahead, and damn the torpedoes! The first step in selling ANYTHING is selling yourself…


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  5. Reblogged this on The Original Genevieve Dewey and commented:
    I read everything he writes inside my head with a Scottish accent. #JustSoYouKnow


  6. Hah! Funny to see you blogging (in a totally different and much more entertaining style!) on a similar subject to my post of the day.
    Your story about Abu Dhabi reminds me of when I was working for the National Asthma Campaign and had to go and give one of my first ever public presentations.
    I went to talk to an Inner Wheel group in Cornwall and was introduced with the immortal words ‘Ladies, we’ve got a man!”


  7. I have a hunch you’re a wonderful entertainer/speaker, Seumas. So enthusiastic! Do announce your upcoming world tour. I’ll come see you when you hit New England 🙂


  8. Oh my, food for thought is what that was. I give you two giggles and a bwahahaha.. Ordered around……. noooooo! Really?=0))


  9. This is the first of your posts I have read and I enjoyed it immensely. I can see why you were a wow at the Ladies Club.


  10. Glad the ladies loved you, Seumas. Must be the Scottish accent. A worse crime than not pushing your work, though, is to put it away in a drawer and never submit it.


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