…bunfight at the B.O.—O.K. Corral…oh, how I wish…

…October 26th it was, 1881…  ah yes, I remember it as if it was only 131 years ago…the Mother of all gunslinger shootouts, and the spawner of a hundred legendary movies…I think it was an argument over lipstick colours if I’m not mistaken…suffice to say, things had to be settled one way or the other between (for 2), or among (more than 2)  competing parties…pretty much as I envisage similar hostilities on the approaching anniversary date, October 26th, when there may well be a vying for the prize of bringing the B.O.—O.K. s of Master Gallacher to the public arena, other than through the invisible miracle of the Amazon Kindle internet …this incredible self-publishing journey lurches forward in its next gyroscopic arc…this week, for the first time, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK appear in paperback form in one of the large local book distributors here in the United Arab Emirates…but, better still, there’s another TWO  ( yes, Mama another TWO)  of said distributor  breed engaging in earnest negotiations with yours truly to have them populate the shelves of book outlets at the airports in Abu Dhabi and Dubai…is there no end to the joy!.. fast forward in time in Master Gallacher’s famous time machine…sitting in the swankiest of suites in (let’s say), the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, (we don’t do poor) whilst the buyer combatants from the five biggest publishing houses on the planet indulge in the Bunfight of all Bunfights.. the Bidding War to end all Bidding Wars…to win the world-wide rights to my books  (plus translations into Sanskrit and Martian)…hey, is that Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday I spot from the side  of my eye?…surely it’s not that big a deal, or is it ?….ah, a man can but dream, eh, Matron? what did you put in the cocoa just now …I can see Jack Reacher begging his director to play the part of Tom Cruise, and Tom Cruise pleading to play the part of the author, but he doesn’t have the accent right…I feel so sleepy…so sleepy…so…


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18 responses to “…bunfight at the B.O.—O.K. Corral…oh, how I wish…

  1. Alas, mon amie, Mr. Cruise has proven to have quite a good imitation of an Irish brogue…which automatically eliminates him for competing for the venerable role of leading man in any of your soon-to-be-legendary tomes…
    Congratulation, brother…sounds like you’re about to skirt the stratosphere 🙂


  2. Andy

    Some day Seumas. Maybe the loser in the bidding war for my stuff will snap up yours as consolation.


  3. As always, excellent post – keep ’em coming!


  4. Big congratulations Seamus. It’s nice to see another indie bagging some success. Remember us urchins when you top the NY Times Bestseller list


  5. I’m glad you found me — I look forward, with anticipation, to the opportunity to meet a Scotsman and hear a little of how you think. 😎


    • This particular Scotsman, according to others , is reckoned to think somewhat obliquely.. glad to meet you, m’Lady :):) have a great day!! :):)


      • Oblique thinking is great — I try always to add a touch to decisions I must make. Glad to meet you as well — I hope the sun is shining on you today! 😎


      • The usual long story, the abbreviated version of which reflects a (then) young man off to plunder the world of all its financial riches in a career in banking, troubleshooting, and now writing and management advisory work.. magnetised to wherever on the planet all of these we to be found together .. :):)


    • In the Natural sense, it’s difficult NOT to have the sun shining on me today, living as I do in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East :):), and on a more practical sense, I believe it does that metaphorically more days than not, as I make it a rule to deal only in good days and better days .. :):) Have a GREAT weekend, m’Lady ! :):)


  6. Oh, I’m so thrilled for you!! And if there’s any justice in the world then not only will the bun fight be the stuff of legends but the Martians will get to read your fabulous books too. Onward and ever upward Sir Seumas. 🙂


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