…no apologies for my first short serious piece… you”ll see why…

…I’m a believer, but not of the Catholic persuasion, and a couple of nights ago, I attended a Mass for a dear friend and former colleague who’d passed away suddenly a few days earlier. The St Joseph’s Cathedral in Abu Dhabi, here in the crossroads of the Middle East, was filled to capacity with a congregation made up almost entirely of Catholic faithful from the sub-continent of India. The Mass was led by an Irish Priest, attended by a Filipino gentleman who offered the readings. During the service and invocated prayers, from inside the cathedral we could clearly hear from outside the Muezzin, the person who calls the Muslim faithful to prayer, doing his duty from a minaret on a nearby mosque. It struck me very forcefully that here indeed was the melange of religion and freedom of prayer in all its forms, right in the heart of the capital of the United Arab Emirates. There were black, brown, white, and arabic believers, all in close proximity, doing what the rest of the world could perhaps be well advised to consider replicating… put aside all supposed differences and live in harmony.. It was a beautiful moment for me, and will be a cherished thing for me to take away if and when I leave this country ..may your Gods be with you all….Thank you for reading this far…


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26 responses to “…no apologies for my first short serious piece… you”ll see why…

  1. Patrick O' Driscoll

    Seumas, excellant one minute video by the talented Kilted Author, it told a story, received buy in and delivered a thank you with appreciation to all your readers, well done we await the novel or a cameo role with Sean. Paddy


  2. Thanks for sharing this important moment in your life. If only we all took a moment to understand and celebrate the diversity in this “human race”, there would truly be harmony and peace. All the best!


  3. Spot on, that man, spot on … :):) have a great day …


  4. Ah, my friend, you are a master at evoking emotions…beautifully written Sir, and heartfelt condolences for the loss of your friend…


    • Thanks for your kind words, Thomas, the dear lady was in her early forties, passed away in her sleep leaving behind a ten year old son, and an aged mother who is herself terminally sick. I met with the shattered husband and could offer nothing in words that would make sense. I had to suffice with a long hug, that was almost as much for me as for him.. I know you’ve been there and know this stuff..But we have to think that her God had reasons enough for her to be somewhere else…absent that, there is really no way to make sense of it at all…kinda puts the rst of what we do day by day into perspective ..LUV YA, that man…


      • Yes, despite anyone’s religious preference, the really important part is just believing. Sometimes, that’s the only way to get through it all. The fortunate by-product (if such there be) is that the survivors of any tragedy are furnished a fresh perspective into what’s really important. Present company included, of course 🙂


    • My favourite comedian is Billy Connolly, life long devotee of his humour.. he said once, ‘if someone believes there is a God, then it’s not up for question, to them there is a God, and if someone believes there’s not a God, then for them that’s also not up for question’..very insightful man..love his work..:):):)


      • I’m not familiar, but I might just have to get familiar…
        That’s true..it’s not really much of a subject for gray areas, is it?
        Brings to mind, I have a neighbor who is Jewish…and an atheist. Haven’t garnered up the courage to ask her the story on that…


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  6. Thank you for sharing that short prayer for all the readers of your posts. I, for one, won’t forget it as I dip regularly into your more zany fare.


  7. Terry Tyler

    Sound article, Seumas. Nice one x


  8. I knew there had to be somewhere in the world where living in peace and harmony was real. Well done Abu Dahbi. And well done Seamus for sharing. A very special moment. I like the way you think my friend.


  9. After reading your piece, I just had to share my thoughts with you Seumas. I met this wonderful lady, for whom you wrote these touching words, for the first time, at the launch of your book ‘Vengeance Wears Black’. She seemed so full of life bubbling with chatter that we clicked well and it blossomed into a warm friendship but alas! It started and ended so abruptly.

    I got my lifetime’s shock when I got this call from her mobile that fateful morning and I cheerfully said ‘Hi Lorna’ and her husband tells me ‘Lorna left us forever this morning and she used to speak about you a lot during her last days so I had to let you know’. I hoped for microseconds that he was saying that she had left for a trip abroad, or a separation or something but no……

    My take: Dear readers….treasure every living moment, live every moment and make our moment special for people around us…..be it office drudgery or just the daily chores of cooking, washing, picking, dropping, laundry….these are special in its ways.

    Thank you Seumas for facilitating this friend into my life. Her memory lingers on….


    • Thank you for this , Beena .. Lorna was indeed a very, very special human being ..I know we often mouth these words when someone passes, but truly she was a vibrant, humourful, lively lady.. I feel blessed that I knew and worked with her … R.I.P.


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