…doesn’t take me long to wait half an hour, Auntie Mabel…

…epithets from dearest aunties are part of the price for growing up being pampered by them with chocolate eclairs and assorted jammy biscuits…Auntie Mabel was full of ’em (epithets, that is, not choccy eclairs and jammy biscuits)…one of her more frequent utterings, targeted at my insistent pestering for cake  goodies was, ..‘Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, often found in Woman, seldom found in Man..’… which brings me rather neatly into the blog topic today…when I surfaced from the prolonged elation of having finished my first ever novel, … and the edges of the pink cloud began to return to their normal hue, I became obsessed with getting  ‘my baby’ to the great reading Universe, which, I had little doubt, was champing at the bit to devour my freshly crafted prose…undaunted by the little nagging voice buried deep away in my brain that kept whispering ‘are you sure it’s quite ready yet?’…Slam, Bang, Thank you Kindle, and it was hot onto the presses, and I may say it enjoyed surprising success in the download charts…the following year was consumed with penning, or more accurately, laptop-tapping-out, the second novel…this fortuitously, was accompanied by loads of interaction with other bloggers, infinitely wiser than I shall ever hope to be, whose guidance led to a much-needed, if already delayed, introspection on the quality of the first book…in sum, I realised that the work could be improved, and not just slightly, but massively…I began to edit, and re-edit, and edit once more…and I’m sure it could still bear further fiddling with…now here’s the surprise..I found I was actually enjoying the process…I’ve shared elsewhere in a recent blog the discovery of a self-editing critique software which I’ve now spent a few weeks using to re-do the entire first two books, and I applied it to my current Work In Progress…perhaps not too late in this wonderful writing journey, I’m convinced that the editing can be just as satisfying as drafting the little Mother-  in the first place…Thought I’d mention that on here, ‘coz I read lots of folks saying they resist and sometimes ‘hate’ the need to edit…take it from me, a seasoned professional who’s been at this now all of at least twenty minutes, this editing thing-y is THE WAY TO GO…and a further tip from the least patient patient ( yes, Matron, I’ll be there for my injection in a minute), if it all gets a bit too much, keep a stack of chocolate eclairs and jammy biscuits handy…. see you later…


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6 responses to “…doesn’t take me long to wait half an hour, Auntie Mabel…

  1. I can’t figure out why you want to eat biscuits in your jammies, but it is true… a good editor is worth their weight in scotch. 🙂


  2. Editing isn’t just about words and sentences….sometimes whole swathes of books need to go, entire characters: Most novels are way too long because everyone is obsessed with word count.
    If the word “coffee” was banned, most books would be 2000 words shorter.
    Rant rant rant


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