…I’m NOT a celebrity icon…yet…get me outa here…

…I’ve saved up the down-payment on the Greta Garbo sunglasses…and trawled the Yellow Pages for the advertising pitches of the best Public Relations spin doctors …they’re standing by for my signal…I’ve brushed up the edges of my Scottish accent…although I’m told there’s still some mileage in the Sean Connery sound-alike delivery…several visits to Photo-Shop have air-brushed the hand-out portfolio smileys…I’ve told Uncle Fred and Auntie Mabel to get their background story right about their favourite nephew (me) for the society magazines…so, bring on the fame…I’m as ready now as I’m ever gonna be…Now, lest the unkinder minds among you may wonder what the Hades am I prattling on about this time, let me just remind you of names of some previously unheralded scribblers …anyone remember J.K.Rowling?… or, John Locke?…how about Amanda Hocking?…or, Billy Shakespeare before he changed his name to ‘William’?…don’t forget Chuck Dickens, until he plumped for ‘Charles’…If Susan Boyle can land the biggie on Britain’s Got Talent, what earthly reason exists for ANY of we Kindle Feeders not to dream?…no, no, no, let’s leave out ‘skill’, ‘years of hard slog at the craft’, ‘impeccable grammar’, ‘knowing how to spell, parse and précis’, …picky, picky…have yeez no faith?…where’s the romance in your soul?..OF COURSE IT”S POSSIBLE!! …when I re-read the masterpieces what I’ve writ, I see no obstacle…well, not many, except getting out of this lock-up, and Matron chasing me with that bluudy syringe…she thinks I’m  delusional, but what does she know, eh?…bet she doesn’t even have a laptop…meantime, my continued pipe-dream is fed this week by the last couple of days (ends November 18th) of the FREE PROMO  on my novel, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY.. fill yer boots for nowt ..cheers :):):)

UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Violin-Mans-Legacy-ebook/dp/B005D7JNCQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1341400377&sr=1-1

US http://www.amazon.com/The-Violin-Mans-Legacy-ebook/dp/B005D7JNCQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1344867273&sr=1-1&keywords=the+violin+man%27s+legacy


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8 responses to “…I’m NOT a celebrity icon…yet…get me outa here…

  1. jumeirajames

    Everything is possible, nothing is impossible.

    I was looking at some paintings the other night and I mentioned to the ‘curator’ that I was a painter (I’m on a ship with people trying to sell paintings that would disgrace a chocolate box).
    He asked if I was famous and I told him that I’d sold 20 more paintings that Vincent Van Gogh (which is true). He seemed impressed but I was less that overawed by his lack of knowledge on all things artistic. Van Gogh never sold a painting in his entire life (he did give one to his brother as unasked for collateral for a loan) and I’ve sold at least 20.

    What is fame?

    I’ll settle for a few informed and knowledgeable people appreciating my work and a billion in the bank.

    If you must dream dear Seumas (and I know that your do) – dream big.


  2. You just keep the lovely matron away from me, Seumas. I kinda like my dream world. 🙂


  3. John McCann

    Mr Gallacher, from memory I seem to remember that the matrons have been around for a very long time with you. Maybe they are not really matrons but some other demonic female friends that we sometimes need in times of delusion. Love the work but not sure about some of your recent Facebook music offerings. Please don’t post Kenneth mckeller next or I will need to stop Facebook and start twatting.
    Pleased you have now learned to use computers as I was getting bored by sending letters every year.
    Your old mate.


    • Master McCann, what a delight to have your monicker grace my blog page .. I would hope to se a flood of correspondence on here from you… the world needs the Down Under slant from another Scotsman.. ..You there, me here,.. we’ve got the planet sewn up basically,,The matrons of the type you refer to must be from another Master Gallacher .. I know what you talk of,, and my lawyers will back me up on that … :):) As for music , well , McKellar’s unlikely to feature here anytime soon… maybe I’ll get my rendition of Jon Bon Jovi up and running to an unsuspecting world .. :):)


  4. Love your blog and you are so right. Why not you or any of the rest of us? I always dream big. If I don’t, what else do I have to satiate my thirst for writing. Thanks for following for following my blog, too. It makes me happy.


    • Hi, glad to be linked up, m;Lady 🙂 I see you go wide-ranging in your blogs.. great stuff.. looking forward to catching them all.. I enjoy watching the different styles for the range of bloggers we get to greet on here , especially writers .. :):)


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