…the long and winding blog…

…it isn’t everyone’s cup of cocoa, listening to the yesteryear classics of Messrs Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix… nor even, dare it be whispered,  offerings by the Moody Blues, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, a veritable palette of  colour bands…but, owning-up time right here–, in my youth I used to front a ‘group’ as we called ‘bands’ then… my forte being the raspiest Glasgow voice among my pals, and a penchant for single-reed harmonica a la Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan  ( Ed.note ..”how bluudy far back’s this guy goin’ here? “)…we played all the top spots back then… the Methodist Youth Club at the back end of Greenfield Street in Govan, famous for Percy Sledge never having played there…a local infant school Christmas shindig…a howling success…and a Boy Scouts Jamboree party…and no, we weren’t preceding Ray Charles and Willie Nelson on any of these magnificent bookings, but thanks for asking…The years rolled on, and as Master J. Lennon puts it so well, other things like Life were happening…years grew into decades, and well you know how that bit goes… the point I’m coming to is this… back then, being involved in stuff like that was GREAT… the music took us away to an altogether other space…listening to the musical Gods of the period was one thing, actually belting it out ourselves on whatever stage was MAGNIFICENT…because we were in our own little planets, doing our own trips…today, an admittedly more sedate mode of expression has settled on your ‘umble scribe…my current version is doing this ‘ere blog…it’s my own wee piece of artistic invention… and the wonderful thing is, I can appreciate it in other people’s wee pieces of artistic invention too… fellow blogsters…and I wonder how many started off doing their blog as I did?…merely as an adjunct to all the other web-by frippery that comes with trying to get the name out there…and then discovered, like me, the buzz of just doing it, scribbling away, or tapping away at the laptop…a fair few, I’ll wager…Matron’s just come in with the syringe, and in her usual a propos fashion she’s put on one of our favourites here in the ward … ‘Paperback Writer’…I think I feel a spot of ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ comin’ on…g’night, nurse…


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4 responses to “…the long and winding blog…

  1. Ah, the memories that music brings. 🙂 The blogging thing is its own Yellowbrick Road, isn’t it? Say g’night to Lucy for me, Seumas. Oooh! She’s all sparkly.


  2. We love the some of the same music Seumas but I have to add Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to the mix. You are right about the blogging thing and I find it hard to keep up because I’m really supposed to be writing a book, right. A neccessary evil I suppose. If you get a chance come by and sit a spell on December 5 for the launch of book two. Would love to have you, Oh and bring the Matron too. We might all need a dose of something-or-other 🙂


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