…I’m not American…but I have reason to say ‘Thanks” this Thanksgiving…

… a few blog posts back, I posted what I described as my first ‘serious’ piece, with no apologies for that… Similarly, I make no apologies for this one either…some of you with whom I share on Facebook will have seen my message already today…Last Thursday, just a week ago, in a Glasgow hospital, my younger sister, Helen, underwent a 6 1/2 hour operation to remove part of a cancerous lung…my communication daily was with my niece,  her daughter Susan…we all knew that there were risks and accepted that as much as one does in such circumstances…During the Thursday and into Friday my time here in Abu Dhabi, I shared with my Facebook friends and asked those of a praying nature to do so on her behalf, and for those who don’t pray, a kind thought for my sister would be appreciated…I was inundated with a wonderful deluge of well-wishers and people already offering prayers and support…now, here’s the thing..today I called to Helen, who amazingly is now back in her own home bedroom and she told me the following: A few hours after the operation, the doctors had to stop the pain-killing medicine, as it was causing her blood pressure to drop dangerously low… needless to say, she was in considerable pain and discomfort…and totally exhausted… she felt her eyelids begin to close and fought against that, thinking that if she shut her eyes, she would never come out of it again…eventually, of course, she did lapse into a sleep…she tells me she has this overwhelmingly consciousness that during that sleep she felt a strong warmth surrounding her body, hugging her close…she has the sense that in that time she felt that she now knew she was going to make it….THIS HAPPENED AROUND THE SAME TIME THAT THE FLOOD OF PRAYERS AND WELL-WISHES WERE COMING HER WAY…I’m a believer, as I’ve shared on here before, but I don’t regard myself as easily swung into religious fervour (more of a spiritual bozo, me), but both Helen and I believe that what she felt was indeed the power of prayer…on behalf of Helen, my family, and myself, I cannot thank you all enough…LUV YA!!!  …As Dave Allen used to say, “May yer Gods go with yeez”…


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18 responses to “…I’m not American…but I have reason to say ‘Thanks” this Thanksgiving…

  1. The power of words sent in faith, hope and kindness should never be underestimated, Seumas. Delighted Helen is doing well – much love and best wishes to her.


  2. Believe it, Seamus. There is a certain power, influence, call it what you will, when a group of people band together in a prayerful common cause. It works. Why, I have no idea. But, the best thing is to go with it, be thankful, and resume the journey of living. Glad things are better.


  3. Andy

    I am glad it went well. Best wishes to you and your family.


  4. My very best thoughts to you and yours, Seumas. Take Allen’s quote as my words to you.


  5. Thanks for giving us time to pause and reflect. What a wonderful story – all the better because it’s true!


  6. Hail, my brother…perhaps you’ll be pleased to know this is the lone post I’ve been allowed to make on this “day off” I have from blogging, etc. I truly regret that for some reason I didn’t see your post on Facebook with your entreaty for prayers, but I can assure you I’m about to make up for lost time. So glad to hear your sis is doing well…and it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a place where “thanksgiving” is a national holiday, it’s God’s truth that life is a celebration, and every day above the sweet earth is a day for which we should be grateful. My better half and I are as we speak creating a feast fit for a king/queen, and I can tell you one of the many things that I celebrate today is the multitude of friends I’ve come to know during this adventure into the writing world. And you, brother Seumas, are chief among them…
    God’s grace upon you and yours, and particularly your sis. You have kin here, most assuredly…



    • What a wonderful comment, bro…I agree with your sentiments .. Myself, I only deal in two kinda days…good days and better days .. :):) I trust you and your good Lady rejoice in this weekend and all that it carries for all of us .. cheers again ..”:)_)


  7. Giving Thanks is never a nationalist act. Have a great day I and I wish you and your family all the best.


  8. Seumas .. as Thanksgiving Day winds down here in the United States, it was lovely and fitting to read about your sister, Helen, and the power of positive thinking; prayer. Wishing her a speedy recovery in the hands of the good people of Glasgow. There is always so much to be thankful for 🙂


  9. kimcox37

    God bless you and your family Seumas! Your a gift and I’m thankful to have met you! Love you and your post and admire you for who you are. Sending lots of love, thoughts and prayers your way! Wish your sister a safe and speedy recovery. On a side note, I just learned a great deal about Thomas Rydder. Isn’t that something? He said a mouthful (his writing, his personality and his spirit) and in only a few words. How pleasantly surprised I am! This group of ours continues to amaze me. Thank you both for making my day!


    • That goes two ways, m’Lady …against my own judgement at the time, several months ago, I took the plunge to get involved with Facebook, and blogging ,, and have been marvelling ever since about the depth of pleasure to be derived by joining up with this wonderful web family…my sister continues well and sounded buoyant when I spoke by phone with her about an hour ago…Thomas Rydder is an excellent example of the mutual respect and love that’s freely available on here .. it’s my joy to know you all .. have a wonderful weekend .. mwaaah :):)


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