…I have nothing to offer but blog, sweets and teas …

…those who have been loyal or crazy enough to follow my blog for any length of time will be aware of my lifelong admiration for ol’ Winnie Churchill…there was a man of many talents…from the art of making whisky disappear in splendid quantities, to engaging the monstrous chess game that was World War II…in between times he penned the Nobel Literary Prize-Winning ‘History of the English-Speaking Peoples’…I am set now to wond’rin’…what would such a literary giant make of the present day ubiquitous social networking scene?…with his gift of communication and adaptability to most things he encountered in his life, I can imagine he’d make a pretty fist of it…”..Never, in the field of human tweeting, have so many been bored by so many others…”  “…An Iron Curtain has come down across the Web…it’s become known as Facebook Jail, and its pal, Twitter Prison…and it will take many eons before it leaves us …” “…Yes, ma’am, but in the morning, I’ll be blogging…”  …I can hear that gravelly delivery reverberating down the virtual halls…what a blogger he would have been…Madonna gets twenty trillion followers on Twitter, Justin Beiber hauls in fifty billion, so what price the finest wordsmith of this past hundred years ? (apart from Ernie Wise, like what he writ, etc….)…however, the reality check is this…all we bloggers derive our own pleasures from scribbling away on these wires…I think ol’ Master Churchill would’ve wanted all of us to be heard, read, followed, Goodfriended, and tweeted .. so in his honour, I’m opening up my blog page once more as an invitation to all and any of you who wanna GUEST POST here …but I warn you, I have nothing to offer but blog, sweets and teas.. of the Web-by sort, y’unnerstan’…Send me your posts for inclusion on here… any topic you wish…all welcome…email is seumasgallacher(at)yahoo.com…oops, Matron’s been listenin’ again, here comes the tablets …see you soon guys and gals …


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12 responses to “…I have nothing to offer but blog, sweets and teas …

  1. How may I become a Guest Blogger? I would love to contribute my two cents to your tea table but I am unsure how to go about it. I understand the irony of which you speak and I hope that time will pay us all the dividend of fame and fortune…I’ll settle for the fortune. Please let me know how/what I can contribute.


  2. I was fortunate enough to guest on this blog, First class air fare to Abu Dhabi, 3 nights in a 7* hotel and a five thousand dirham appearance fee.

    Or was that someone else?.


    • Master Peters is , of course, a well-known fantasy writer .. it was in fact a private jet, and it was a month in one of our local palaces, and i remember an amount of half a million dirhams , or was it dollars ? .. whatever,, or , it could ‘ave been sumb’dy else ..


  3. Get ready for the stampede, Seumas. I don’t think Matron will be happy.


    • Matron has her happy moments , but mostly derived from infliciting all sorts of nefarious Matron-y thing son unsuspecting inmates.. :):)

      Looking forward to the stampeded.. it’s great fun having guests ..coz, unlike family, they don’t usually stay forever 🙂


  4. Thank you. I will be in touch


  5. You are hilarious – which probably is a crime in itself and I hope that Matron gives you a good rap over the knuckles for that! I must remember this one ‘Never, in the field of human tweeting, have so many been bored by so many others…’. Although in my case it’s probably more a case ‘Never, in the field of writing endeavour, has so little been achieved by so much tweeting and reading of other’s blogs’ (but a lot of fun has been had in the process)


  6. I’ll be happy to and will volunteer the brilliant authorJae de Wylde. May I do a Q and A? let me know. xxx


  7. I’d be delighted to have each of you aboard on the Guest blog odyssey

    Do you have any favoured Q and A that you wanna punch into, or have me throw some weird stuff at you?. Remember to ensure the links to your books etc, are included so you get some mileage out of it all.. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of linking up with Jae de Wylde..Is Jae aware that you have been out there ‘volunteering’ other people ? LOL :):)


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