…in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man gets 50% off at Specsavers…

…as ‘they’ say at the beginning of things,… ‘and so it starts..’…the  blog post prior to this one ‘ere contained an open invitation to all and sundry to come GUEST POST with me…another round of the BLOGGERS GOT TALENT idiom for this ‘ere blogging idiot…stirrings of interest have begun from myriad quill scribblers …but also, Mabel, come the questions…always the questions, eh ?…’Will there be biscuits?’.. ‘how about cakes?’…’cheese?’..’.wine…?’ Biscuits is it? Biscuits!!!  sure, I’ll get ye biscuits.!..billions of biscuity biscuits, bits of biscuits, bisected biscuits, biscuits in bins, bestowed biscuits, bitterless biscuits, biscotti biscuits, les biscuits, biscuits the size of yer biceps..,.bitty bicep biscuits bi all means ….as for  Cake? Caramba, there’s eclairs, vienna slices, marzipan squares, neapolitan wafer-y bits, chocolate digestifs, coconut crispies, souffléd mountains, hills of profita roules, smatterings of lemony snickets, and spondulacks of spiffing M & Ms…whew !…. cheese and wine for them what does will be ferried in by tank loads, tuns of tons of it…I can’t do no fairer than that now, can I ?…THEN, the other questions…’What to write?’  ‘How long should it be ?’…’What topic(s) d’ye want, Master Seumas?’  …The response is simplicity itself…“SIMPLICITY ITSELF”… now I expect the usual raft of sma’at-asses to merely write a two word blog piece,  ‘SIMPLICITY ITSELF’… hum ho… t’was ever thus when pioneering cutting edge invitational events, wasn’t it , Mabel?…For the saner among you ( for legal and truth in advertising reasons, I must exclude myself from that descriptive), be guided thus: ANYTHING you feel like contributing, in whatever format, in whatever language ( sumb’dy out there’ll probably unnerstand it …) about whatever takes yer fancy…let it all hang in…include links to whatever you  please… yer books, yer blogs, yer hairdresser, whatever…it’s  your piece, write what you like… in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man gets 50% off at Specsavers…in the land of Master Gallacher’s Blog, the one word and upward guest blog piece gets pride of place … go for it… meantime I’ve got to go discuss with Matron about a few scattered throw cushions here and there and some dappled lighting to welcome you all here to the ward …see yeez later …


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4 responses to “…in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man gets 50% off at Specsavers…

  1. I will have a few selections for you on the way by the end of the weekend. Thank you for the opportunity!


  2. Andy

    Been there. Done that. Never got paid.


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