…and then I go and spoil it all by Blogging something stupid like ‘I love you’…#TBSU…

…the symbiotic Love/Hate relationship that has become my ‘affaire de c-(omput)-eour’ has absorbed much of my waking hours this last year…understand from the outset, that I purchased my first-ever laptop only four years ago…this was the prelude to getting started on my long-awaited efforts to write a novel… at least that’s what I thought it was …then, came the first surprise…after completing The Violin Man’s Legacy, I felt, ‘that’s that done,  now we sit back and the contracts roll in’…WRONG! …those who had pioneered the way for the likes of myself and about a trillion other wannabe Steinbecks had other notions…the clarion call message became clear… if ye wanna sniff any publishing success, ye’ve got to build the platform…no, Mabel, not a stage for actors, and not a place where trains roll into a station…they spoke in mysterious coding about reaching out and establishing a universe of ‘followers’…in essence a pseudo fan base… make pals, befriend everyone and  their cat, and their goldfish…be a human being…but all of this on what seemed the most inhuman domain possible…the ethereal thing called the Web… and all its cohortive elements like Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads…oh, Lord, must I? …’yes, Master Gallacher, you must’, they intoned…so, in I dived, skull-first, blissfully unaware of the pathways it would lead me along…one by excruciating one, these other-spirit worlds became an alternative existence for me (emb’dy out there had the same experience?)…by force of internet magnetic fields I was next lured into the BLOGGING world…my life was and is now fully mortgaged most waking hours to enslavement to the Dark Side…and like any self-respecting addict…I’m LUVIN’ IT!…recently the advent of THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION, (#TBSU) has added another wondrous dimension to it all…the motive is straightforward for all guys and gals who blog, or read blogs, or who just plain blog blogs,…‘you scratch my blog and I’ll scratch yours’…the down side is that it merely gives Matron more evidence of my increasing lunacy…here she comes again with that bluudy syringe…gotta scarper… see yeez later…

Blog Scratchers Corner


Blogs To Follow:















Now, go on, share , reciprocate, and pass along…enjoy


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10 responses to “…and then I go and spoil it all by Blogging something stupid like ‘I love you’…#TBSU…

  1. Thank you for including me in your blogroll.


  2. We’ve all been sucked in to the idea that we must establish an online presence, and it takes more time than writing the books. I have a love/hate relationship with it too. I’ve met some great people that I enjoy, but I resent the time it takes to keep up (which I don’t). Good blog, Seumas!


  3. As one of the early #TBSU members I can say you are a saint (or sinner) for the publishing all the follow-these-guys blogs. Thank you (I am assuming saint). I agree; good blog, and lots of work.


  4. Amazing how easy we writers get “sucked” into the “web world” and especially blogging. It’s addictive! But, seriously, I thing your #TBSU is one of the better inventions of blogging. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Would it be inappropriate to give you a big fat kiss? Okay, then. We’ll settle for a simple thank you! Thanks for including us!


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