…to all the Blogs I’ve loved before…that wand’red in and out my door …#TBSU …

… apart from my somewhat boring (to some) replaying of the YouTube clip of Andre Rieu’s ‘Amazing Grace’ with the Massed Pipes and Drums,  click in the bracket for another replay if Yeez want:- [ http://www.youtube.com/embed/GInf0lXsyKY?feature=player_embedded ] …I’m not renowned for blasts of emotion…well, maybe when my favourite football team beats a certain other football team…or p’raps when any politician on Television looks at the camera and starts , “Honestly, folks..”…so, as the Mayans sit and wonder where it all went wrong, and we DO have another calender year looming, the whimsy of the Muse breathes upon me…I first dipped my Blogg-y toe into the Web-by Waters in May of this year…the foray into Blogging, I must confess was driven more by a desire to get me monicker ‘out there’ in support of me novels’ off’rin’s…but behold and lo, it’s developed into a most gratifying pursuit… we’ve seen THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION, (#TBSU) take hold, and more of our brothers and sisters in scribble supporting each others blogs… well done all of you…keep up the great work...’you scratch my blog and I’ll scratch yours’…but back to my opening, the emotional equivalent of a hot flush…I wanna indulge in praise of a very, very, very, very, (lotsa ‘verys’) special lady who has been a stalwart encourageure par excellence from the start of my prattlings… the wonderful Lady O.G.TOMES...@ogtomes .. not only is she a splendid writer in her own write, and in her own right, she is a true friend …I know she’s also lent her time and praises to many  others in the web…a true Queen in my eyes… take an early  New Year’s Honours List mention, m’dear… I”ll be doing a New Year’s Honours List for the rest of you rabble in early January, so settle down at the back, there…ouch, here comes Matron, gotta go..see yeez later….


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