…instead of turning the other cheek, maybe best just keep yer cheek out of the way ..#TBSU…

…what do pelicans, ostriches and Government Tax Departments have in common, Mabel?…they can all stick their bills up their a*se!…now hold that thought…when the unspeakable, unthinkable happens to ye as a writer, and ye get a NASTY review, think  ‘bills’ and ‘a*se’…now, that’s better, isn’t it?…one of the gazillions of things and stuff I’ve been learning on this here literary gig is to differentiate between NASTY REVIEWS, and HONEST CRITIQUE...the yobo nutters who spew bile at anybody’s work, just because they can, ignore them completely…as for the others who, in good faith, may not feel as glowingly enchanted by yer work as ye do yersel, THESE are the ones to take heed of…and I’ll let ye into a wee secret…if yer Amazon pages are filled with nothing but emerald-studded five-star reviews…SUMB’DY’s gonna suss that ye’ve had Uncle Fred and Auntie Mabel and the rest of the familial lineage cranking out yer kudos…from my perspective, when I do reviews, I only share with the world at large those who merit 4-star and 5-star tags…anything less than that, I do not ever feel inclined to publicly lambast one of my fellow scribbling strugglers…some may think that a tad dishonest… be that as it may… it’s a stand I take… if I know the writer well enough, I’d share the less-than-stellar review directly…none of us, myself least of all, possesses the monopoly on editorial critiquing skills… (as my good friend, Master Andrew Peters puts it, ‘proofreading is an absolute skill, editing is a matter of opinion’…)…I hope that makes sense to some of you lads and lassies out there…I’d value yer opinions on it…and when the Naysaying Nutters surface, remember the pelicans, ostriches and Tax Departments …meantime from THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION (#TBSU), here’s  a smattering of more  Blogs To Follow

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8 responses to “…instead of turning the other cheek, maybe best just keep yer cheek out of the way ..#TBSU…

  1. jumeirajames

    I don’t have an Uncle Fred or an Auntie Mabel (sob)


  2. Andy

    If a critical review points out flaws in your book. . .fix them. Re-edit, re- upload and tell the reviewer you’ve done it. There are way too many poorly presented books with glowing reviews. You can only fool people for so long. Of course, people who just slag something off should be ignored, but constructive negative reviews can be useful. Come to that, people should be specific in positive reviews too. . .what is the author doing right? Spare us all the ‘real page turner’ stuff, pasted up at $5 a pop.


  3. Were I mischievous I could point you in the direction of a young lady’s first book, which has 25 glowing reviews….plus a 1* from a guy who read the free preview, spotted that it was full of errors and declined to purchase. In high dudgeon, she took to her FB page to slag him off, well supported by her chums (“Don’t worry , hun, ‘es just jelus cos ‘e can’t write like wot you can”). Of course, the review was entirely correct, and who knows how many people will be put off purchasing, when a decent re-edit might fix it.


  4. ‘Proofreading is an absolute skill, editing is a matter of opinion’. Like it, Seumas.


  5. Reblogged this on pegfabulous's Blog and commented:
    Great advice and insight as always, from the devilishly entertaining Seumas Gallacher!


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