…a request…to indulge this old blogger in one of his Bucket List items…#TBSU…

…five years ago, I thought ‘computer’ was a mis-spelling of ‘commuter’…my first laptop was purchased four years ago to tap out my first novel back then, one finger per hand…the mysteries of the Web and all the magical,  convolutionary equipment and universes created by Messrs Gates, Zuckerberg, and a gazillion whizz-kids from all over the planet still baffle me…comes now, however, COMPUTER STUFF FOR DUMMIES, aimed precisely at yours truly …gizmos galore populate the aforementioned equipment and MAKE THINGS POSSIBLE for a tired ol’ scribblin’ buzzard to achieve…not the least gimmick to fall across my binary-driven hard-drive is a wee thing that lets me sing along with other recordings…hence, one of my Bucket List check-off thing-ys is DONE. …by clicking the link below, you will have your ears and patience lambasted… at ENORMOUS expense, I invited into my little cubicle here in Abu Dhabi, the entire Andre Rieu orchestra AND the Massed Pipes and Drums to accompany me as I sing Amazing Grace…I hope you like it, but as they said in that ‘Gone With The Wind’ flick, if ye don’t like it, frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…ye can  even sing along with it if ye like…it’s made a happy man even older…

PS..Master Andrew Peters is PROHIBITED from listening to this, coz, he’s a real musician…



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21 responses to “…a request…to indulge this old blogger in one of his Bucket List items…#TBSU…

  1. Whoever Mr Rieu is, I hope he sues!


  2. Do you and Andre plan a stop in Amman on your Spring tour?


  3. That…was undoubtedly the longest 3:02 of my life 🙂
    I’m assuming you ended up on that stage not as the result of any audition, but rather by large amounts of cash greasing influential palms…nevertheless! Strike one off the list, and many kudos for having the cojones to do that – er- singing in public. Well done, my skirted friend…


  4. robitille

    Seumas, darling… I adore your voice, (there’s something about a Scottish baritone) but next time I shall have to send you the lyrics. 🙂


  5. I am speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Loved it Seumas! One of my favorite songs… and definitely one of my favorite Scottish gentlemen!


  7. Seumas, that was really…. I’m awed.


    • Merci beaucoup, ma’amselle…vous etes tres gentille:):)


      • J’aime le parler mais je pale mal… il n’y a pas de personne qui parle francais ici, je suis a seule et je perde beaucoup, Je vous en pris (?) <— Je desole ci n'est pas des mots comme thank you.


    • Moi aussi …je ne peux pas parler bien en française,,, je suis écossaise…comme le chien, je peux comprendre plus que je peux parler…:):) je parle un peu dans ses Langues– anglaise, française, chinoise (cantonoise), filipiniose, arabie, gaelic (le version écossaise)…quelle langue vous preferez?..:):):):)


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