…the REAL heroes and heroines of the Writers Universe—REVIEWERS—worth their weight in crushed diamonds…#TBSU…

…it matters not a jot if ye’ve been at this scribbling caper for half a century or for only whatever time it’s taken to throw yer first ever literary masterpiece on to Kindle…there are certain priceless phenomena that surpass even the best-advertised credit cards…the unsolicited reviews of yer novel, short story, novella, poem, whatever…think about it for a moment will ye?…sumb’dy sees fit to take time out of their day to give an opinion on the written production of sumb’dy else they’ve probably never even met...how good is that?…in my book (pardon the symbolism), it ranks right up there with the Good Samaritan’s effort…the huntsman removing the thorn from the lion’s paw…truly offering an unseen hand of friendship to someone who’s more than likely spent at least the best part of a year in writing their little baby...it’s called ‘an honour’…it’s dignifying yer work by letting ye know it’s worth at least a read …what more does an author need? (apart from the usual million-dollar deal, movie rights, etc, etc..)…it struck home with me today, when VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK was reviewed  (and, astonishingly, positively!— yee-haw!)… yesterday, a different reviewer gave the thumbs-up to my Blog  Post Collection, THE BLOGGER’S GUIDE TO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…both of these were out-of-the-blue non-expectations…over the last couple of blogs or so, I’ve been rabbiting on about authors’ mutual support mechanisms, including reviews…this only lends more impetus to my own efforts…near-term target amendment—blitz my TBR backlog on Kindle and post them on BOTH amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, as well as Goodreads …ye don’t have to join me in this direction, but yer company will be more than welcome.. see yeez on the review trail…

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20 responses to “…the REAL heroes and heroines of the Writers Universe—REVIEWERS—worth their weight in crushed diamonds…#TBSU…

  1. At the risk of causing a Scotch blush…the big lad Seumas is very generous with his own reviewing time. Much appreciatd


  2. Seumas, Seumas, he’s our man – if he can’t do it, no one can!


  3. Jody Ballard

    Did you see my blog of last week? And I have two reviews and you are so right……….Miss you and see you soon. Jody


    • Seem to be getting blocked trying to get into your blog ..is there an issue with it ? 50% through The Smell of Mud.. enjoying immensely// review will follow ( of course!! ) , great photos of your Mum’s birthday party ..:):)


  4. Jeanine Elizalde

    Very nice of you to recognize the people that not only read but review!


  5. You’re very right. Every so often you get surprised by a completely unexpected review that not only might really get the novel, story…but sometimes even sees things you had never even realised. And as you say, they put their time into letting people know about it…
    It is one of the great satisfactions of the job.
    Thanks for commenting on it.


  6. jumeirajames

    Reblogged this on iNation and commented:
    Seumas never misses an opportunity to say something sensible about writing


  7. Pingback: An article on people we authors love, hate and fear – the REVIEWER – by my brother, Seumas Gallacher…:) | Thomas Rydder

  8. Wonderful interview, truly shows love/hate relationship with reviewers! Funny author. Best wishes!


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