…the Loneliness of the Long-Distance Blogger…rejoice in it!…#TBSU…

…there have been a few episodes in my past where my unsocial behaviour ranked distinctly of the ‘Bah Humbug’ variety…thankfully not frequently enuff to merit total ostracization from my fellows…but, nowadays, by and large I’m generally considered to be more of a gregarious animal than not…my own self-witness to the pleasure I enjoy from the interaction across the Blogosphere is quite unexpected…a couple of years ago, when this ol’ Jurassic ventured into the Kindle Kingdom, and was spun immediately into the virtual AND notional WEBs, I never thought it would reach this stage of delight in communication with others trapped in this here maze…a kindred-spirit mentality pervades much of it, I’m sure, but for all that, some really valued friendships have been showered on me…my daily regimen is plotted from writing to blogging, to SOSYAL NETWURKIN in several of its guises, and back again…and I’M LUVIN’ IT!…however, and here’s the thing…I do read from time to time the mutterings and sometime wailings of others of the perceived constant NEED to be on the WEB to keep their names in the spotlight…my response is simple…it just ain’t so…the BUILDING THE PLATFORM syndrome is important…but not ALLimportant…like most things in life, proportion, balance, moderation all play their part…(Would you just hark at me, Mabel! Me what spends up to 15 hours straight on the laptop and wonders why I’m blootered at the end of it!)…here’s where I’m going with this…from time to time, it’s great to have your own space…physically, to go swing yer proverbial feline…mentally, to quietly recharge yer grey cell batteries…and creatively, to let yer mind wander to plots and characters and all the goodies ye want to have in yer next book…it’s called personal time…ask any Long-Distance athlete…they’ll tell ye the Loneliness is a major plus part of the gig…try it sometime…I think ye’ll enjoy it…now, where did I leave the invite to that virtual party?…gotta get in the limo before Matron gets here with the syringe …


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5 responses to “…the Loneliness of the Long-Distance Blogger…rejoice in it!…#TBSU…

  1. jumeirajames

    I keep a balance on my web-time 7 hours on WordPress and 7 hours on Twitter every night.


    Looking at your pic Seumas I must get the kilt on, just as soon as its back from its 15,000 mile service.


  2. Well, I work full time and can’t be everywhere. On the other hand I’ve been suspended from Twitter (third time and never get much of an explanation) so that solves that one out…


  3. Reblogged this on authorlisacrowe and commented:
    As always you make a wonderful point. We all love you Seumas and this virtual world would be very dull indeed without you.


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