…not quite ALL the fun of the Fair…but it had its moments…#TBSU…

…if there’s a checklist somewhere of all the daft things a new indie author(ess) is supposed to do, I’d have ticked off most of it…so, the last time I did something for the first time was Friday just gone.., (Friday’s the first day of the  non-working weekend here in Abu Dhabi…)…I attended a Fair-type event as a stall-holder in the arts and crafts section…my art and craft of late being that of scribbling novels…heavily-armed I went, no holds barred…stocked up the vehicle with about a million of my books (well, p’raps a tad less than that…), a sheaf of the shiny two sided postcards…local author Master Gallacher’s photo on one side, kilted and scowling neatly into an obscure camera point,…montages of the book covers including the Work In Progress on the flip side… not one, but two, marker pens, ready to inscribe pithy scratchings to those splashing the cash to purchase the said masterpieces…a couple of giant framed images of the front covers of the tomes…and a sales-expectation optimism, totally unmerited as events turned out…the deluge of panicking crowds of would-be readers did not appear…indeed, nary a trickle of custom flowed toward the stall…in sum toto, the changing of hands of the paper version of my work amounted to 14… yes, Mabel, a dozen plus two…or a pair of sevens…70% of a score…tally it as ye will, it wasn’t gonna create even a ripple on the World Booksales-o-Meter…nonetheless, here’s the clever bit…engaging with each individual buyer DID provide a little adrenaline surge…discussing the writing of the things…‘where do the stories come from?’…’are there any more in the pipeline?’…’where can I find your books in future?’…all you wonderful authors out there who’ve already done this in truckloads, I’m sure ye know what I mean…it WAS a thrill each and every time these wee discussions occurred…what I did learn was that in the next phase of event-hunting, I’ll choose my venues a bit more cannily…there MUST have been books available when Simon and Garfunkel sung their bit, “are you going to Scarborough Fair…”...meanwhile, if ye’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pore through this diary of events for the whole of the United Arab Emirates for the balance of the year…now, I wonder if the Dubai Horse Owners Association Jamboree would welcome a book seller?…

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6 responses to “…not quite ALL the fun of the Fair…but it had its moments…#TBSU…

  1. Small steps, but steps in the right direction. Hope you didn’t have to pay for the stall….


    • Covered the cost of the stall with first four books sold… learning curve was good.. (realised the kind of audience, family day, young professionals, lots getting wellied, nowhere near the arts and a crafts section wasn’t gonna work)… next venue should be enclosed , sober crowd..there’s up to 30 events annually here… lots of little makes a lot… BTW by Friday evening that was 14 more hard copy sales I didn’t have in the morning! AND I keep 100% of the sales :):) cheers , Andrew ..


  2. Irrepressible good nature in a kilt…I can’t imagine the Dubai HOA saying no.
    Thanks for the mention; means a lot!


  3. Hi Seumas. Sorry to hear of the relatively scant numbers but I agree completely about the individual discussions. I just had my first book signing in a rock & roll bar, of all places, and the best part was certainly the chats I had with readers – a great thrill! I was fortunate to have sold more than a dozen plus two but still, what I took away was the enjoyment of meeting the readers!


    • It didn’t faze me, chief.. it was a good learning curve, and I already have two more events lined up, but in more productive venues, environment much more likely to be conducive to getting novels purchased… (set against the 62,000+ downloads on Kindle already, I’m not complaining!)
      :):) cheers


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