…no, I’M not easily distracted from my writing…oh look, is that a squirrel?…#TBSU…

…one of the more important functions of a Gran’pappy is to leave you with pithy sayings that later on ye kinda try and sneak in as yer own inventions…I like this one a lot,…‘what goes  round a house and round a house and never touches a house?…Answer…’a lazy housewife…’…now, evidently I am NOT a housewife (wrong gender for starters, Mabel)…and my laptop ain’t a house… but how familiar is it to you all out there, I wonder?… ye sit down and start to write…or more accurately p’raps,…try to start to write…up pops something on Facebook that you absolutely MUST read and respond to…then the Twitterati avalanche bounces before yer eyes…of course. ye HAVE to say ‘Hi!’ to yer Tweebie Twinmates…Goodreads muscles in with recommendations to join this group and that group (a book discussion group on crochet? aye, that looks right up my street .. eh, what???)..and away goes the best part of what? an hour?…try maybe three hours. more like…lunch intervenes…hey, an author icon has to eat to y’know…discipline, Mabel…it all comes back to discipline…I have some of the most disciplined distractions on the planet…honed them, polished them, embraced them with glee, (my little precious,…mine, all mine…)…so what to do?… easy…just write to that God chappie again and ask for 48-hour days…oh,oh, here comes another, Matron with the bluudy syringe…now SHE knows about discipline…wonder if she’s ever seen a squirrel?…see yeez later…


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7 responses to “…no, I’M not easily distracted from my writing…oh look, is that a squirrel?…#TBSU…

  1. Enjoyed it. Thanks – John


  2. Haha, you describe my day so well. Are you here watching me? Oh, except the matron with a syringe. I’m not in the ward…XX


  3. Ha, loved your blog. I think this describes many writers – it’s a “love-hate relationship” with the page/computer screen. I especially love the “God chappie” term. Have to remember that one!


  4. Hehe, I couldn’t possibly write anything with a keyboard… I’m a pen and paper gal. The problem with that is I need a decoder ring to figure out my own handwriting ( :


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