…yes, thank you, Mister Quixote…I have my own windmills at which to tilt…#TBSU…

…those kind souls who’ve followed my diatribal outpourings on here for the past year or so may have noted my mention of the late Sir Winston Churchill from time to time…from my earliest recollection, he has been my hero… the ultimate maverick… a kindred spirit to all of us who wanna take on the world occasionally… the enduring thought he leaves in my head is always–NEVER, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP—the practical relevance pokes its head in about here, Mabel… a coupla years back, as a fledgling author, having survived the pink cloud of ecstasy that surrounds completing the writing of yer first wee literary baby, I sent that scribbled sweet child o’ mine out to the mandatory  40 literary agents… in the unyielding balance that is the Universe, the response was PRECISELY 40 rejection slips... undeterred, this ol’ Jurassic tramped on and tumbled headlong into the Amazon Kindle World and all its delights… along the way, I began to understand that the quill-scraping was only a start… the trench work lay in BUILDING THE PLATFORM… being the shy introverted Scot that ye all know me to be, I don’t easily conceal my illumination beneath the bushels… I’VE HAD A BLUUDY GOOD RUN AT IT… my flavours of choice in the SOSYAL NETWURKIN include Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn and this Blog... result is a solid base of great pals… THE PLATFORM IS READY… the downloads have been astonishingly high… so, now it’s time to brush off the rejection-slip angst… a refreshed approach…UP AND AT ‘EM, Master Gallacher!... this time, there IS an attractive  pitch to make … I’ve acquired the latest version of the ROOLS OF ENGAGEMENT as contained in The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2013... zoned in on them what handles my genre… I’ve read (several times ) each agent’s peculiar requirements for submission (even that word has overtones, eh, Mabel?)… now all that remains, is for ye all out there to wish me well… and if I do a Scott of the Antarctic, by ‘stepping out, and may be gone a while’… I’d ask that ye speak well of me… ‘a simple lad, even if he was Scottish’… a little rub of the Sir Winnie quote, and off I go… see yeez later …


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13 responses to “…yes, thank you, Mister Quixote…I have my own windmills at which to tilt…#TBSU…

  1. Best of luck with it me old mucka’!
    Think it will be several more years before I venture back along that ocean of heartache (*plucks violin*). You working on anything new?


  2. night7flyer

    Wishing you the best of luck, my friend. Go git ’em, Seumas! I have no doubt that you’ll succeed. Put on your thickest, Scottish skin and dive in head first.


  3. I wish you every good fortune…I wonder whether agents will think that you have maximised your platform already on these two and whether you should be approaching them with #3 on the back of your success?
    A glaance at my bnk balance will make it clear that I know nothing bout being rich & successful….so hope it works for you


    • …number three is WIP, and the idea is to try to pitch the second one as a sample of how the editing and revision process has (hopefully) improved the work to th extent they can carry it… also at (only) 60,000 downloads, while it should indicate a good take-up, that’s hardly eaten up a fraction of the wider market out there… plus it might give me a breather from all the social networking labours, Andrew…:) cheers, chief


  4. Good luck, Sir Seumas. Have no doubt that your excellence will be noted and you will be snapped up post haste! Just do me a favour – when the movie comes out, don’t let them cast Tom Cruise as Jack. Not that I have anything against TC but he’s just not Jack Calder material!! You may, however, let yourself to be talked into allowing Gerard Butler to audition…


  5. jumeirajames

    I blame the kilt.


  6. jumeirajames

    Reblogged this on iNation and commented:
    Seumas tellling you how to get after readers, he’s not wrong you know.


  7. Seumus, I’m patterning my life after you! Seriously! My writer life at any rate. ;D I’m watching how you blog, network, the works. I am adding a blog to my site as well and plan to join in The Blog Scratchers Union #TBSU. I have so much to learn. You are a hard worker and a great example. I wish you the best! Good luck to you and I will be keeping an eye on you.
    Leisa ~ Indie It Gal


    • Hi Leisa… hearty compliment indeed… I’m flattered, m;Lady .. welcome aboard… any advice I can offer to you to avoid the many pitfalls into which I’ve fallen, be glad to help .. Cheers :):):)


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