…altogether now, sing, … ‘he ain’t heavy… he’s my Blogger’ …#TBSU …#BAT…

…the journey of the long-distance quill-scraper need no more be clothed in loneliness… in the days of Billy Shakespeare and Chuck Dickens, I s’pose it was a pretty solitary  grind being a pensmith… the isolated candle-lit garret more the norm than the exception… fast forward to the current environment, with speed of communication measured in nano-seconds… the attention span of the average Cable Television viewer measured in goldfish-brain retentiveness… the unrelenting competition that permeates every part of modern living… from the ill-abused term ‘sport’ (what a misnomer THAT is these days…)…to scrambling for university places scarcer than the proverbial hens’ teeth… so we Lads and Lassies of WriterWorld are cast even further adrift, right?… but wait… I kinda think not, Mabel… my little grey cells are usually quite tardy at picking up on ‘stuff’…but picking up they have been over the last year or so… to the extent, that a mini-epiphany has twinkled its light into my tiny brain-box… the very speed of the WEB has brought quite a different angle to the lot of Authors and Authoresses… the miracle of SOSYAL NETWURKIN is with us… instead of cut-throat activity squeezing out any perceived literary competition, the OPPOSITE is happening… at least that’s how I see it… as some of ye will know from stumbling across my blogs from time to time, I’m a great believer in supporting other writers in any way possible… and here’s the thing I’ve found… there are tons of us out there doing ‘zacktly that… a kind word of encouragement on sumb’dy’s Facebook page, or a smiley response to a tweet or three… better yet, even a few lines of positive review commentary on a budding scribbler’s Amazon Page … costs ye nuthin’… give some neophyte a leg-up…and if like me, ye believe in the adage, ‘ye reap what ye sow..”, …well, who knows where it’s gonna take ye… now, before Matron gets at me again with that bluudy syringe, here’s the link ye can listen to… enjoy the original…:):)


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6 responses to “…altogether now, sing, … ‘he ain’t heavy… he’s my Blogger’ …#TBSU …#BAT…

  1. jumeirajames

    That song is like a melodic version of your DNA Seumas. I’m sure you’ve carried many people along with you over the years.


  2. So true, so true, Seumas! In three months, I’ve made three what I hope will be longtime friends, including you, and countless sincere friends of the moment. An acquaintance from high school (class of 68!) found me via Facebook and now we correspond almost daily. I knew participating with blogs could be a vehicle for growing as a person, but I had underestimated the humanity of Twitter.

    Hugs, friend!

    #TBSU rules! (should be graffiti!)


  3. Seumas, as always your wonderful witterings brighten my day… please keep them coming.
    Love the latest tune


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