…doing a book synopsis?…LUV IT!…doing a query letter to a literary agent? …LUV IT!…#TBSU…#BAT…

…no, don’t ask Matron…but I’m NOT nuts…a bit crazy at times p’raps… a tad loopy sometimes, maybe… I’m in hot pursuit of the combined holy grail of having my very own agent/publisher in the cupboard… this past week has seen more drops of blood appear on my furrowed brow… my remaining little posse of grey cells gathered round the cranial campfire and plotted, schemed and finagled …result?… the PERFECT query letter and the ACME of a book synopsis… my first ever tilt at these…and it only took about ten thousand attempts… but now they’re mine… my precious… I shall hold them and hug them.. I shall call them George.. no,wait, that’s in another parody innit?… anyway… they’re DONE!…  COMPLETED!… FINISHED!… and how good it feels… so many times in the last couple of years I’ve read of the dread which many newbie indies have felt approaching this most basic of requirements when hunting the elusive agent/publisher relationship… then out of the blue came a remembered story regarding the great South African golfer,  Gary Player... in his days on the golf tournament circuit, every week the Professional Golf Tour visited a different course… each venue had its own style of grass … they varied … Bent Grass, Bermuda Grass, Rye Grass, Zoysia Grass, and so on … every week players would  complain that they didn’t like this grass or that grass… Player ALWAYS said he liked the grass… whatever grass it was… he said it loud and he said it often…  regardless of the grass… he LUVVED IT!… see where I’m going with this, Mabel ?… pick it up, Lads and Lassies of the Authors Aura… LUV the book synopsis!…LUV the query letter!… LUV whatever it is that’s gonna get you where you wanna be with your writing… ME?... I LUV IT so much, I think I’ll do another synopsis right now… or maybe not, coz here comes Matron with that bluudy syringe….. shouldn’t ‘ve mentioned her to start with… see yeez later…


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15 responses to “…doing a book synopsis?…LUV IT!…doing a query letter to a literary agent? …LUV IT!…#TBSU…#BAT…

  1. Luv it, Seumas! Congrats on this fine achievement and good luck with the queer -y 🙂


  2. jumeirajames

    writing synopisis (synopsi?) is hard work – its not writing, its marketing


  3. Congratulations! I once wrote a publisher that writing a synopsis of an erotic novel was like a quickie, gets the job done, but not the most satisfying to either party! He bought the novel. Ha!

    Best of luck on the agent/publisher quest!



  4. Seumas, you are unique. The only writer I’ve ever met (in a manner of speaking) who has not just hidden behind the sofa when someone even mentions query letters. I hope you’re going to post it so we can all get a little inspiration.


    • :):) I’m not sure if it would iuddy the waters wuth the agents I’m approaching, Jane, But I’d be happy to email you a copy of what I’ve sent.. If it’s ultimately successful, then I’d have no qualms about posting it for the world to see. Give me your email address again to seumasgallacher@yahoo.com and I’ll send it to you :):) LUV YA! 🙂


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