…some of the finest fun ye can have with yer clothes on (2)… being an Author at a Book Fair…#TBSU…#BAT…

…just when ye think it can’t get any better’n this… along comes another buzz… last year I was at the 2012 Abu Dhabi Book Fair, principally as a bystander… wand’ring around waiting to be ‘recognised’ as a writer… ye know the kind of thing?.. ‘hey, look, book persons…I’m a scribbler…one of them quill scrapers what produces all these lovely print-y things ye see on the shelves here’... recognition?.. not a jot of it, Mabel… I was as visible as a black cat with its eyes shut in a coal cellar at midnight… comes now the 2013  Abu Dhabi Book Fair… oh, my goodness, it’s all different this time around…hold on to yer seat, Master Gallacher… it’s only one day into it and already yours truly has been interviewed on the  old colour radio… and this morning getting calls and funny emails from pals who heard it… then engaged in a spot of book signing corner stuff… flashed that picture onto Facebook and Twitter, and hey presto, got a gi-normous bundle of hits and comments of support from the global writing family…LUV YEEZ!... a man could get used to this very easily… today, we venture on to a panel chattering about Self Publishing... and the impact of SOSYAL NETWURKIN for we indie laptop tappers, followed by ANOTHER book signing session... next Monday, a pitch at the Royal Stand to an audience of royalty and invited VIPs (wonder what my probation officer would think of it all ?)…. and then, dream of dreams, yet a third book signing session… I must have done SUMTHIN right in another life… the marriage of ‘doing the writing’ and ‘getting in amongst yer readership public’ couldn’t be better expressed by this wonderful experience this week… Lads and Lassies of WriterWorld…if ye ever have any doubts about the efficacy of ‘muscling yer work’ to the outside universe, dispel these and jump on to this … it’s magic .. not even the approach of Matron now with that bluudy syringe is gonna spoil this lot.. LUVVIN’ IT!...see yeez later… to be continued… :):)


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6 responses to “…some of the finest fun ye can have with yer clothes on (2)… being an Author at a Book Fair…#TBSU…#BAT…

  1. Finally!! The recognition you’re due, Seumas! It couldn’t happen to a nicer or more deserving guy. All the BEST to you!


  2. jumeirajames

    Well done that kilt wearing man!

    An inspiration to all us nascent superstars.


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