…yet ANOTHER returning Guest Blogger (gotta stop the free haggis here)…Stephen Edger {and pals} with a grand idea…#TBSU…#BAT…

…here’s a great ploy from my mate, Author Stephen Edger who joins a motley crew of literary assassins in a neat short story anthology, with a maliciously murderous menu of macabre mayhem…(killing folks, Mabel…)… and yours truly, Master Gallacher gets to hang his name at the bottom of their book cover…  not often I’m gonna get headlining, or even foot-lining with these great title-huggers … Stephen Leather… Alex Shaw… J.H.Bogran… Liam Saville… Howard Manson... as well as the aforementioned Master Edger… the foreword ‘s by Jake Needham... have a decko …
Hi there Seumas, thanks for inviting me over. Matron told me I wasn’t allowed to bring you grapes due to the nil-by-mouth diet she’s got you on. You seem to be looking well so I’ve no idea how she’s getting food and fluids into you…maybe there’s more than just ketamine in those syringes she chases you around with.
Anyway, I’ve snuck a bunch in under my jacket so let’s get them eaten before she comes back…
The reason for my visit is to share a crazy thought with you. We’ve both been doing this independent writing malarky for a couple of years now and we’ve been following the rule book to the letter (building the platform, tweeting, blogging, running promotions etc.) but where has it got us? I still don’t hear literary agents, publishing houses, movie producers or rich Russian oligarchs calling at my door. At least you’ve got Matron heading up your fan club!
You’ve achieved some fifty thousand downloads by following the rules and for that I take my imaginary hat off to you and stand to applaud. That means between 25k and 50k people have read (and probably enjoyed your quill scribbling). That’s an audience dear Seumas. That’s epic.
Now, imagine if you got together (in the literary, not biblical sense, you understand) with another indie author who had also built an audience. What if the two of you produced a book together? Your audience and his / her audience would read the book. Suddenly his / her audience would see your work and your audience would see his / her work. Each of your audiences would grow.
Now imagine if 3 of you put your heads together. Or 4 of you put your heads together. Or 5. Or 6?
Imagine how that audience would grow.
Seumas? Seumas? You’ve gone all quiet, your eyes have glazed over and your drooling slightly. Oh, I see, you’re imagining the impact the project could have.
It’s a great idea right? Of course you’d have to find some great indie authors to work with and you’d each have to produce an outstanding piece of work and agree on a fantastic looking cover. Sounds like a lot of work but just imagine that audience…
Well, it can be done Seumas and in fact it has been. That little idea has gone live on Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.
DEATH TOLL is an anthology of short crime thriller fiction with contributions from me, J H Bográn, Alex Shaw, Liam Saville, Howard Manson and Stephen Leather. It is a sensational entry into the indie writing scene and I’m so proud to be a part of it.
But of course, there’s no reason why the process couldn’t be repeated over and over again but with new up and coming indie writers. Just imagine it Seumas: we could take over the world!
Uh-oh I can hear Matron’s clogs on the laminate floor. Hide those grapes quick. I better run as I have a fear of needles (ironic considering I’m diabetic!) Thanks for listening to my idea. Maybe I’ll pop back round once DEATH TOLL  reaches the bestseller list.


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5 responses to “…yet ANOTHER returning Guest Blogger (gotta stop the free haggis here)…Stephen Edger {and pals} with a grand idea…#TBSU…#BAT…

  1. caroleremy

    Congratulations, Stephen!

    Anthologies are awesome. Cross-promotions abound! I put together an anthology once with 75 Alabama women authors. Every signing was a party, and we stayed on the regional bestseller list for almost a year. Have fun!



  2. Hi Seumas, thanks for the front cover quote and for letting Mr Edgar visit you (I had to force feed Matron sticky buns to enable him to pass by). Perhaps we shall see you in ‘Death Toll 2: This Time It’s Indie’… (working title)


  3. What a great idea! I’m heading over to Amazon to download the anthology. I’m contributing to my first anthology this summer and looking forward to what that may bring (besides dead silence, empty air, etc!). What fun it is to interact and work with other writers. All the best in this project.


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