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Conversations with Mother……

… really funny post by Evie Jordan…

10 Things I hate about my Ex

Does everyone have fun with their family? I don’t mean the go-karting, ski-ing, board game, variety. I mean the mess with your head, make you wonder if they even like you variety. I know my Mother means well….but….seriously…

This is pretty much how I remember it….


MUM:      Ahhh…

ME:           Huh?

MUM:      Ahhh…

ME:           Are you meditating?  

MUM:      I was just thinking how lovely it would be if someone liked you.

ME: (smiling)      You like me! Plenty of people like me.

MUM:      I have to like you, you’re my daughter….. No I mean it’d be nice if you had a man to look after you.

ME: (frowning)   I’m not sure I need looking after. I’m not a gerbil.

MUM:      It just worries me that…

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… a very special friend, Author K.J.Waters fills us in with her take on the Beautiful Blogger Award… enjoy! …#TBSU…

My pal, Author K.J. Waters, spills the beans on getting her Beautiful Blogger Award … enjoy! …


Beautiful Blogger Award

I am so honored that Blondie in the Water was chosen to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award! A very warm and happy thank you to Seumas Gallacher of blogging fame (Blogger of the Year Winner) and author of several amazing thriller novels. Did I mention that he is Scottish? Well he is and it adds immensely to his charm and endearing good cheer. He wears a kilt, too, at least on his blog. Sigh. Be sure to follow Seumas’ blog here for a daily chuckle. You have to check out his novels as well. Seumas is a master at infusing humor and intelligence in his stories while taking you to exciting international destinations.

I know I promised an introduction to my characters from Stealing Time on this blog post but sometimes unexpected surprises get in the way of keeping you on track. Heck that’s pretty much the reason Stealing Time has taken me seven years to write. After all, my most precious surprise and excellent reason for delay on finishing my novel was the arrival of my daughter, shorty, five years ago.

The Rules:
1.  Copy and place the Beautiful Blogger Award in your post. (Check! Whew that was easy!)
2.  Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog. (Check, thanks Seumas!)
3.  Tell 7 things about yourself (Gack, I guess I can scrape a few things together.)
4.  Nominate 7 fellow Bloggers, tell them by posting a comment on their Blog (OMG this is the hardest part.)

Seven Things About Me

I’ve done several blogs with deets on me so this is hard to come up with new fresh ideas. The award dictates so here goes. I’ll try to spice it up with some fab pics.
1. I am a very visual thinker. When I’m writing I can see the scene in my head, smell the smells and feel the fabrics of the environment. When I worked in Boston my office had no windows. I filled the space with large vivid prints of flowers, ocean views, and bright landscapes. I had so many people comment on how bright and cheery the space was. It seemed weird to me that everyone didn’t do the same thing. I guess I need color and oceans more than the average person.
Vivid colors in my palate of ‘ocean.’
2. I volunteer a lot of my time to the PTA (Parent Teacher Organization) at my son’s elementary school. I’ve taken the newsletter from a one page black and white sheet to a full color, 8 pages folded and stapled, award winning newsletter recognized locally and by the state PTA. I brought several fundraisers to the school, including a recycling program for used electronics and two fundraisers for bringing new books to the library ($4500 raised in the last 2 years), one through Barnes and Noble. The regional office now uses my arrangement (using student artwork and patron voting) for all of their book fairs. I raised more money in each of the book fairs I’ve run with them than any other books fairs held at that store.
Artwork on display at Barnes and Noble during our book fair this April.
3. I created a camp years ago for my kids to keep up their skills over the summer. We call it Camp Waters where I pick a new topic each week for us to focus on. It usually involves a lot of friends, lunch and swimming afterwards in our pool. Topics include: creative writing, art, fossils, geology, dinosaurs, USA geography, photography, cooking, and tons more, all selected at the beginning of the summer by my children. I’ve written a guest post for a friend’s blog about this stay tuned, hopefully he’ll post it soon.
4.  I have a very odd sense of humor. A few of my recent posts include:

Keep your ghosts close because you never know…
Yeah, I’m a weird-dough.
I sent this get well pic to a friend who had knee surgery. I don’t think he appreciate the humor so I had to explain to him the deer was dead and won’t get well but you will. See could be a lot worse! I’m not sure he fully appreciated my sense of humor. Aw jeez, you too? You think I’m a bit off. Ah, well, join the club!
5.  This is very hard for me to just spew on and on about myself. That’s a fact about me right? So here are some beautiful pictures to enjoy as you ponder that…
I actually had a cyber pool party here with some twitter friends. Yes, I know that sounds a bit emmmm, crazy.
Lily Pond in Maine. Site of my blog post Blondie in the Pond.
Crow’s Pasture on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

6.  I love water. I know you already know this about me if you’ve read any of my blogs or follow me on twitter, facebook, or Pinterest.

Love this picture of sun shining through the curve of a wave!
7.  I love a lot of different kinds of music. My favorite is the Black Eyed Peas but on my iPhone I have everything from Irish folk to Eminem to the Gypsy Kings, pop music old and new, oldies, and I especially love Gaelic Storm. One of my favorites songs, and I think is appropriate for my blog, is ‘A Beautiful World’ by Collin Hay from Men at Work Fame. Did you know he’s Scottish? Yeah, well he is. He’s also funny as crap and cusses a lot. He’s Scottish, what did you expect? This is from his show and he tells a shark story just before he sings A Beautiful World.

Collin Hay — A Beautiful World

Here is my favorite Black Eyed Peas song, although it was very hard to choose since I could probably say that about fifteen of their songs. The video reminds me of where I live now, dirtville, and me rawkin out with my peeps.

Yes,, I did put it on the blog.

Love the humor and intelligence of, his superb musicality and playful, peaceful lyrics, an unusual combination for rap/R&B music.


Please take a minute to visit the pages of my nominees. I look forward to their posts!

My nominees for the Beautiful Blogger Award are:

1. Jeri Walker-Bickett at

2. Annette Schutzengelchen at

3. Laurel Robbins at

4. Leora Wegner at

5. Pinky Poinker

6. Savanna Redman

7.  Melody Ferraro


Connect With Me

When I’m not working on Stealing Time you can find me on my social media at the links below. I look forward to talking with you!


  1. You sound like the dream mom that all teachers and administrators covet. All of your volunteer work is undoubtedly appreciated! Thanks for passing this award on to me. I’ll be sure to pay it forward in a future post.


  2. Haha, no definitely not a dream mom. I appreciate you Jeri! Loved your post on Yellowstone and always enjoy reading your blog. 😀 I look forward to your post!




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… it’s not about WHO YOU KNOW … it’s about WHO KNOWS YOU… #TBSU…

… at the last count,  the population of dear old Mother Earth was ‘way over SEVEN BILLION...and it seems that’s only about a quarter of the Twitter followers that Lord Justin Beiber enjoys … he’s racking up a few records in SOSYAL NETWURKIN highs with numbers like that… for the rest of us, modesty forbids we should ever claim even one iota of that figure… but the unshakable fact remains… in the modern quill-scrapers world it is necessary to BE KNOWN … gone are the days when ream after ream of polished  manuscript flowed non-stop from the authors’ candle-lit garrets… plucked by eager grasping agents… then stuffed into the publishing machine…  a grateful Readers Universe waiting expectantly for every scribbled WURD... y’see, Mabel, with the birth of that Unholy Child, the Internet, all that has changed… the abundance of Ritten Riches, alas, has overcome the capacity of them what likes to read… now the equation has moved… it’s akin to an auction, but IN REVERSE... instead of the buyers bidding and outbidding each other to acquire the glorious merchandise, the sellers have to pitch themselves perpetually to their marketplace… like street hawkers screaming out their wares from the virtual stalls… and we… we the authors, the writers, the poets, the playwrights… are the new breed of salespersons… but it’s not even that simple… we no longer are selling our product, the output of the months and sometimes years of labour… we are selling OURSELVES... you Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who dabble in this lierary thing-y know exactly what I mean… I KNOW Lord Justin Beiber... I KNOW the Lady Gaga… I KNOW Tiger Woods... trouble is, NONE OF THEM KNOWS ME... now d’ye see why this punching yer weight on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, and Blogging is necessary? … sometimes free advice is the most expensive counsel ye ever get, but if ye’ll listen just this once to this ol’ Jurassic… SOSYAL NETWURKIN is a vital part of yer BUSINESS of being a writer... grasp it, embrace it, cuddle it, LUV IT, call it ‘George’ if ye wish… but get aboard… see yeez later, Matron’s here with that bluudy syringe again…


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… how will ye recognise me?…I’ll be wearing nothing but a fireman’s helmet, frogman’s flippers and a rose between my teeth…#TBSU…

… there’s some people to whom standing out from the crowd comes easily… the Lady Gaga, to name but six… (has anyone ever seen what she really looks like?)… Johnny Depp, in whatever guise he appears… Joan Rivers, just by hearing her talking… for the rest of us, p’raps it’s a tad more laborious to get ‘heard above the noise’… but happily, we don’t have to shout… as quill-scrapers, we have an innate element to accost our adoring publics with… our VOICE... no, Mabel, not my rasping Scots vernacular, nor the charming dulcet melody of Matron’s vocal klaxon… we’re talking about AUTHOR’S VOICE... it took me a wee while to catch on to what the heck it meant… ye’ll know it like this … supposing ye pick up a novel… any novel… by, say Lee Child, ye’ll know right away who wrote it without looking at the title page… Clancy, Steinbeck, that Rowling Lassie…and going back a while, Chuck Dickens and even Billy Shakespeare... it’s like their writing stamp … how do ye develop it?… my tuppence worth says, ye don’t… I think if ye scribble and type like ye think and converse, ye’re halfway there already… any time I try to get ‘proper’ writing into it, invariably it comes out all stilted and over-formal… especially with dialogue… the dialogue bit, I believe’s more easy to cure by simply reading it out loud… if ye’ve any ear at all, it becomes kinda obvious… it’s the filling-in parts… the narrative… the picture- and scene-construction stuff that takes more technique… the Masters have it… and that’s also another reason why it’s important to continue to read other authors’ work… the minute I stop learning, I’m dead in the water… new authors come along from time to time that also have that distinctive VOICE... go grab copies of the recent productions from my pal, Master Andrew Peters (he of the Otis King Blues Detective fame)… marvellous inflection… ye almost get inside the writer’s head reading his stuff… now, THAT’S what we want to achieve as peons of the pen… (no, I don’t get a share of his massive royalty checks)… see yeez later…

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Guest post: Social Networking Awards by Seumas Gallacher

… the wonderfully ubiquitous Lady Morgen Bailey carries one of my recent posts as her Guest Blog spot today.. I’m honoured .,,, thank you ma’am..:):)

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Tonight’s guest blog post is brought to you by novelist Seumas Gallacher.

This daft old Scottish Jurassic’s take on Awards to pals on the Sosyal Netwurkin circuit…

like most things in this world, it started out as a modest little exercise… a kinda by-product of Building The Platform… that constant activity that web-bound quill-scrapers are exhorted to be involved in… reaching out on the Sosyal Netwurkin channels… the idea is to know and to be known by others ‘out there’… so far, it’s Wurkin very well for me… thankfully, Twitter can be made a tad less daunting to manage by the introduction of (Free!) Apps such as Tweetdeck… that marvellous App enables the countless Twitter relationships to be segregated under various headings… ‘Personal’, ‘Writers’, ‘Publishers’, ‘Pals’, and so on, splitting them into convenient columns… Tweetdeck Taxonomy Triumphs!… even if ye have thousands of followers, yer…

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Blog on the Bus pt 41 (strategy, strategy, strategy)

…my pal, Stephen Edger’s post also includes notice of a FREE DOWNLOAD for the great anthology, Death Toll (it MUST be good, I did the blurb on the front cover !! ) :):):)… have a look…


Morning fellow bus dwellers. Welcome to the ‘X4’ here in drizzly Southampton.

It’s all about strategy!

If you are looking to write a novel, you need to make sure that your plot is structured (strategy), that your characters are rounded and well-developed (strategy) and that you have the discipline to make the time to write, edit and revise (strategy). So you see it’s all about strategy!

If you are planning to publish your work, you need to design your cover right (strategy), set the right price (too high and you put off potential customers; too low and it gets lost in the mire of cheap ebooks = strategy), and you need to market / promote it to the right people (strategy).

For those who have been riding this bus blog for some time, you will know that I was part of a writing project that published an anthology of short…

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… yer wee character babies are ALWAYS yer wee babies, it’s tough to let them go … #TBSU…

… before yeez all start in on me, I know, I know, I know… yer not supposed to fall in love with yer characters … mind you, there are some I’ve created that are far more palatable than a few of the people I bump into from time to time… ye’ve been there I’m sure… ye build up the main protagonists… sculpt their handsome features (usually Scottish, of course), and alluring beauty (any nationality— I AM an equal opportunity quill-scraper, ye understand)… ye carve out the villains from smelly stuff… and yer all set… except, the minor players have roles too… the back-up link parts… think of it this way… in any company or organisation, the top honchos  would find it impossible to function without the junior staff… the drivers, the secretarial people, the filing clerks… see what I mean?… same in the novels… all the derring-do gets derring-done by the mainstream leads… but the real business often percolates just below the surface … in my two crime thrillers to date, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, it’s easy to recognise the Oscar-Character-Nominees, Mabel… and the subsequent novel SAVAGE PAYBACK (due mid-year…howzat for an early plug, eh!) will have the same cast… at least another couple of books will feature them, too… it’s called creating a franchise (agent’s BUZZWURDS, not mine)… and that’s the way it is… BUT, back to my theme… there’s one bit-part appearance in THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY of a character called Rico... I just doted on that guy… in the mental midnight committee meetings that go on in the heads of most of we scribblers, he kept popping up in mine… and then, alas, I had to write him out of the story… I didn’t kill him, shoot him, murder him, or generally dispose of him in a nasty kinda manner… he just walked away… and, y’know, I still think of him often… wonder whatever became of him… yes, Matron, I’m mumbling…  yes, I’m talking to my characters again… that bluudy syringe looks full… oh dear … see yeez later…


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… nil illegitimus carborundum… ‘don’t let the b*stards grind ye down…’ #TBSU…

…Latin was not a primary foreign lingo on my school curriculum back in Dockside Govan in Glasgow… but the acquisition of the banner headline phrase in the first half above has come in handy on several occasions… couple it with a self-belief, Mabel, and ye’re off and running… very few writers and authors have NOT felt the poisoned arrows of bad reviews and snide commentary on their work… I’m not sure if the angst EVER gets completely taken away, but the knack of ‘rising above it’   CAN be developed… learning to differentiate the gratuitous barbs from the well-intended critique is not easy… but it does come if ye keep an open mind… strangely, I’ve discovered that doing reviews of other authors’ books helps me to build more awareness of what should be properly pointed out, and to discard the garbage of the near-Trolls… understanding, too, that lots of reviewers have never written a book themselves is key for me… even a modest amount of confidence in yer own scribbling abilities will assuage much of the stuff from the Negative Nellies… remember also that an opinion from even the most renowned expert is simply that opinion... sure, as humans, we would prob’ly prefer tons of the rosy-coloured variety… take ’em all on board… throw away the chaff and continue to do what ye do best… write… and as Caesar Augustus once said, ‘nil illegitimus carborundum…’ … see yeez later at the cunning linguists class…


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What’s The Deal With Reviews?

… excellent spread on how to react to your book reviews by Author Daisha Korth…

Daisha KorthBooks


When we first get a book out on the market, we tend to be all about giving copies away, swapping stories, and review exchanges. Are reviews important? Of course they are. They are also the hardest piece of advertising to acquire. Why is this, you ask? Well, let’s examine the ‘review’!

1. While reviews are wonderful to own and use as someone to vouch for your work, there are ways to gain them and ways to use negatives to your advantage. You want reviews to be genuine, without harming your reputation.
One way to get those glowing reviews is to ask the people close to you to please give their thoughts on your work. Avoid using the word ‘review’. There are a lot of people who are not confident in their literary opinions and asking them to formally review your work will scare them to the point of not giving…

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… if ye don’t know where ye’re going, ye’re there already …#TBSU …

… the most appalling affliction for this ol’ Jurassic is unstructured time… ‘the Devil makes use of idle hands and minds’, and all that … several posts I’ve read lately have danced around the ‘how do you organise your day’ theme… as if we quill-scrapers are all rigidly tied to exact minute-by-minute handling of our days… it may be for some, but I know not too many of that ilk… that said, there is efficacy in, at least generally, having a rhythm to fill the unforgiving minute, etc… I’m not propounding martinetesque routine … just p’raps a level or three down from that… y’see, ever since I was a wee lad about a thousand years ago, there’ve been perpetual targets… infant and primary school grades to make… secondary education standards to achieve … in business, management-by-bluudy-objectives ruled… and then came the Great Escape… hardly Steve McQueen stuff… but extricating from the clutches of the global financial industry and into the realm of Writerdom saw a whole new horizon appear… now I can do whatever I darn well feel like…right?… not so fast, Moriarty!… happily, as it turns out, early realisation set in that writing and all of its attendant foibles is a BUSINESS … and past knowledge has taught me that the better, more successful BUSINESSES have proper budgets, planning, and…here we go again, Mabel… structure...  the SOSYAL NETWURKIN mantle casts its umbra across every piece of it… publishing, printing, marketing, distribution, agents, readers, reviews, public appearances, signings, newspaper and magazine puff pieces, book fairs, panel participation, writing seminars…. and that’s just the start… still wanna be an author?.. yes, of course ye do… BUT, ye’d be well advised to embrace all of the foregoing… and LUV IT!… ask yerself , ‘what have ye done today to advance yer BUSINESS of being a writer?’... and then DO things that help yer BUSINESS plan move forward… remember, ‘if ye don’t know where ye’re going, ye’re there already... ‘,  right, enough of that stern stuff, it’s been a while since I stirred yeez up with my mate, Andre Rieu and the Massed Pipes and Drums doing ‘Amazing Grace’... click here before Matron gets here with that bluudy syringe…

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