… if ye don’t know where ye’re going, ye’re there already …#TBSU …

… the most appalling affliction for this ol’ Jurassic is unstructured time… ‘the Devil makes use of idle hands and minds’, and all that … several posts I’ve read lately have danced around the ‘how do you organise your day’ theme… as if we quill-scrapers are all rigidly tied to exact minute-by-minute handling of our days… it may be for some, but I know not too many of that ilk… that said, there is efficacy in, at least generally, having a rhythm to fill the unforgiving minute, etc… I’m not propounding martinetesque routine … just p’raps a level or three down from that… y’see, ever since I was a wee lad about a thousand years ago, there’ve been perpetual targets… infant and primary school grades to make… secondary education standards to achieve … in business, management-by-bluudy-objectives ruled… and then came the Great Escape… hardly Steve McQueen stuff… but extricating from the clutches of the global financial industry and into the realm of Writerdom saw a whole new horizon appear… now I can do whatever I darn well feel like…right?… not so fast, Moriarty!… happily, as it turns out, early realisation set in that writing and all of its attendant foibles is a BUSINESS … and past knowledge has taught me that the better, more successful BUSINESSES have proper budgets, planning, and…here we go again, Mabel… structure...  the SOSYAL NETWURKIN mantle casts its umbra across every piece of it… publishing, printing, marketing, distribution, agents, readers, reviews, public appearances, signings, newspaper and magazine puff pieces, book fairs, panel participation, writing seminars…. and that’s just the start… still wanna be an author?.. yes, of course ye do… BUT, ye’d be well advised to embrace all of the foregoing… and LUV IT!… ask yerself , ‘what have ye done today to advance yer BUSINESS of being a writer?’... and then DO things that help yer BUSINESS plan move forward… remember, ‘if ye don’t know where ye’re going, ye’re there already... ‘,  right, enough of that stern stuff, it’s been a while since I stirred yeez up with my mate, Andre Rieu and the Massed Pipes and Drums doing ‘Amazing Grace’... click here before Matron gets here with that bluudy syringe…

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8 responses to “… if ye don’t know where ye’re going, ye’re there already …#TBSU …

  1. Thanks hugely for the inclusion, Seumas! 🙂 Much appreciated.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing the video of Amazing Grace, Seumas! What a fantastic version. Wow! The Rose with the same orchestra was next up, and equally magnificent.

    While I totally agree that writing is a business, I think it’s possible to get so busy that we forget that life is naturally joyful At the point where we feel we are slogging, it can be helpful to pause. There’s a Buddhist concept of right work, where what we are doing is in line with our true self. When work is play, we’re on the right path. When work feels tedious, we can tweak the path a bit to find the fun again. I’m in a pause today and it feels excellent.

    You are an Amazing Grace yourself, Seumas! Huge hug,



  3. It is indeed very difficult to manage time Seumas. But at least it is too hot in Abu Dhabi to go outside at this time of year.


  4. Woop wooooop! Thanks for plugging my blog Sir Seumas! 🙂 You have an entertaining one yourself! X


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