What’s The Deal With Reviews?

… excellent spread on how to react to your book reviews by Author Daisha Korth…

Daisha KorthBooks


When we first get a book out on the market, we tend to be all about giving copies away, swapping stories, and review exchanges. Are reviews important? Of course they are. They are also the hardest piece of advertising to acquire. Why is this, you ask? Well, let’s examine the ‘review’!

1. While reviews are wonderful to own and use as someone to vouch for your work, there are ways to gain them and ways to use negatives to your advantage. You want reviews to be genuine, without harming your reputation.
One way to get those glowing reviews is to ask the people close to you to please give their thoughts on your work. Avoid using the word ‘review’. There are a lot of people who are not confident in their literary opinions and asking them to formally review your work will scare them to the point of not giving…

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2 responses to “What’s The Deal With Reviews?

  1. I very much appreciate the reblog, Seumas! So happy you liked what I had to say. Sharing each other’s work just keeps that social media cog turning! You are very wonderful to include me! 😀


  2. ….my great pleasure, m’Lady 🙂


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