Blog on the Bus pt 41 (strategy, strategy, strategy)

…my pal, Stephen Edger’s post also includes notice of a FREE DOWNLOAD for the great anthology, Death Toll (it MUST be good, I did the blurb on the front cover !! ) :):):)… have a look…


Morning fellow bus dwellers. Welcome to the ‘X4’ here in drizzly Southampton.

It’s all about strategy!

If you are looking to write a novel, you need to make sure that your plot is structured (strategy), that your characters are rounded and well-developed (strategy) and that you have the discipline to make the time to write, edit and revise (strategy). So you see it’s all about strategy!

If you are planning to publish your work, you need to design your cover right (strategy), set the right price (too high and you put off potential customers; too low and it gets lost in the mire of cheap ebooks = strategy), and you need to market / promote it to the right people (strategy).

For those who have been riding this bus blog for some time, you will know that I was part of a writing project that published an anthology of short…

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