Guest post: Social Networking Awards by Seumas Gallacher

… the wonderfully ubiquitous Lady Morgen Bailey carries one of my recent posts as her Guest Blog spot today.. I’m honoured .,,, thank you ma’am..:):)

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Tonight’s guest blog post is brought to you by novelist Seumas Gallacher.

This daft old Scottish Jurassic’s take on Awards to pals on the Sosyal Netwurkin circuit…

like most things in this world, it started out as a modest little exercise… a kinda by-product of Building The Platform… that constant activity that web-bound quill-scrapers are exhorted to be involved in… reaching out on the Sosyal Netwurkin channels… the idea is to know and to be known by others ‘out there’… so far, it’s Wurkin very well for me… thankfully, Twitter can be made a tad less daunting to manage by the introduction of (Free!) Apps such as Tweetdeck… that marvellous App enables the countless Twitter relationships to be segregated under various headings… ‘Personal’, ‘Writers’, ‘Publishers’, ‘Pals’, and so on, splitting them into convenient columns… Tweetdeck Taxonomy Triumphs!… even if ye have thousands of followers, yer…

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