… it’s not about WHO YOU KNOW … it’s about WHO KNOWS YOU… #TBSU…

… at the last count,  the population of dear old Mother Earth was ‘way over SEVEN BILLION...and it seems that’s only about a quarter of the Twitter followers that Lord Justin Beiber enjoys … he’s racking up a few records in SOSYAL NETWURKIN highs with numbers like that… for the rest of us, modesty forbids we should ever claim even one iota of that figure… but the unshakable fact remains… in the modern quill-scrapers world it is necessary to BE KNOWN … gone are the days when ream after ream of polished  manuscript flowed non-stop from the authors’ candle-lit garrets… plucked by eager grasping agents… then stuffed into the publishing machine…  a grateful Readers Universe waiting expectantly for every scribbled WURD... y’see, Mabel, with the birth of that Unholy Child, the Internet, all that has changed… the abundance of Ritten Riches, alas, has overcome the capacity of them what likes to read… now the equation has moved… it’s akin to an auction, but IN REVERSE... instead of the buyers bidding and outbidding each other to acquire the glorious merchandise, the sellers have to pitch themselves perpetually to their marketplace… like street hawkers screaming out their wares from the virtual stalls… and we… we the authors, the writers, the poets, the playwrights… are the new breed of salespersons… but it’s not even that simple… we no longer are selling our product, the output of the months and sometimes years of labour… we are selling OURSELVES... you Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who dabble in this lierary thing-y know exactly what I mean… I KNOW Lord Justin Beiber... I KNOW the Lady Gaga… I KNOW Tiger Woods... trouble is, NONE OF THEM KNOWS ME... now d’ye see why this punching yer weight on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, and Blogging is necessary? … sometimes free advice is the most expensive counsel ye ever get, but if ye’ll listen just this once to this ol’ Jurassic… SOSYAL NETWURKIN is a vital part of yer BUSINESS of being a writer... grasp it, embrace it, cuddle it, LUV IT, call it ‘George’ if ye wish… but get aboard… see yeez later, Matron’s here with that bluudy syringe again…


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2 responses to “… it’s not about WHO YOU KNOW … it’s about WHO KNOWS YOU… #TBSU…

  1. Ah, social networking! Thirteen pages of Google listings for you, Seumas! Well done!

    I don’t think publishing was ever that easy. James Joyce self-published Ulysses. Moby Dick sold only 3715 copies in the lifetime of Melville. Mark Twain and Edgar Allen Poe self-published. (Thx Google!). I think it’s more the case that until recently, authors knew they weren’t going to make any money. Starving in the garret and all. Now writers expect payment, which leads to many disappointed authors!

    The conundrum for me is how giving away thousands of copies has become the norm. Once you understand the game, a reader never needs to buy a book, even with a 3-5 novels a week habit like mine. I used to budget $50-$100 a month for books. Now, zero. There are so many GOOD free books. Why buy, ever? I imagine several million or so other avid readers have figured out the same thing.

    Solution? Authors need to wise up and stop offering their books for free (or maybe just once per book). Trouble is, it will take a whole lot of authors changing their habits to make a difference. I think the more likely event will be Amazon curtailing free days. We’ll see.

    Another rant! You wind me up, Seumas! Thank you! Passion feels gooood! Okay, hopping off the soapbox. Back to Twitter!




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