… if ye don’t like it, just switch it off… Life’s far too short to bother with daftness… #TBSU…

…the miracle of the instantaneous communication world I’m now plugged into is that this ol’ Jurassic can hardly go to the washroom minus the Blackberry without feeling bereft… the immediacy of the 24/7 cable news channels tell me what’s going on, sometimes even before it goes on… keep me away from the laptop for any extended period …(…read ‘a very short passage of time’...)…  and withdrawal symptoms set in… I LUV being attached to all the periphery that comes with the Internet … I’m twinned with my Twitter… gorged with my Goodreads… facetious with my Facebook... licentious with my LinkedIn, and as ye can see, constantly blethering with my Blogging... in a WURD, enjoying… however, I’ve noted recently a wee wave of discontent in certain corners of the WEB... here, a murmur of ennui at receiving Re-Tweets that the Re-Tweetee didn’t Re-quire… there, a quibble of querulousness at viewing Facebook timeline content that didn’t sit well with the Facebook-ee’s opinions… a sprinkling of sarcasm from self-appointed literary-merit magistrates regarding blog posts which also riled their personally-held sensitivities… and, simpleton that I am, Mabel, I ask myself WHY?... why do these groaners bother?… I’ve yet to find any person on the internet with enough clout to change the ENTIRE world in one shot (with the possible exception of Lord Justin Beiber)… my personal Deity-Of-All-Things-Funny, Master Comedian, Billy Connolly regularly  had criticism hurled his way about some of the coarser (and very funny) material in his acts on television… his response is magnificent… ‘…if ye don’t like it, just move yer thumb, and switch it off…’)… at the last count, there are something like a gazillion trillion users on the WEB, there must be SUMTHIN’ they can like… Life’s far too short to be bothering with daftness… and by the way, if we all agreed with everything everybody else said, wouldn’t it be SUCH a boring existence… now, let’s all kiss and make up… see yeez later…

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11 responses to “… if ye don’t like it, just switch it off… Life’s far too short to bother with daftness… #TBSU…

  1. Yes, people like to complain about something. Move on and live!


  2. I don;t care what anybody posts…though I really wish Twitter didn’t’ have that awful Robot-posting thing. Same book extracts every 5 minutes.And the more hundreds of things you retweet, the less attention anyone pays to them….I do regularly switch off from people who do nothing but shout adverts at me, never comment on anything I post or ever acknowledge a reply to their stuff.


  3. *kiss* Are we made up now? 😉

    Yes, I agree… you’d think there’d be enough floating around on the ‘net to keep everyone happy. If you don’t like where you are, just click away and be done with it.


  4. Agreed on all points, Seumas. I love being connected and love the freedom to turn it off when I feel I ought to, lol. Which doesn’t happen except while I’m asleep and even then sometimes grudgingly.


  5. Oh, what a wonderful post! Blogging friends and I have been going back and forth about the pros and cons of social media. To each their own. At this point, I just wanna have fun :). Thanks for listing my blog, for the follows and the likes!


  6. Reblogged this on 1WriteWay and commented:
    Another take on the joys of social media 🙂


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