… where I come from in Govan, chess is a contact sport… getting published for the first time is much the same … #TBSU…

… apart from folks attending the Chelsea Flower Show, no-one ever  ‘promises ye a Rose Garden ‘… the next clutch of billionaires to make the Forbes Richest list are unlikely to come from the ranks of Authordom… and yet, still, like the massive herds of wildebeest that perennially thunder across the Serengeti Plains, trillions of we newbies (and some older-ies) replicate that migration in the manner of hordes of us daily heading toward the feeding fields of fame in fiction factories… the Grail of Getting Grabbed Gregariously into the Grand Gollancz/Gefen/Gaspereau/GrovePress arenas… exhorted as we often are ‘to enjoy the trip as much as getting to the destination’… for many, the travails ARE long and tortuous… I know of NO quill-scrapers who have yet to profess their ecstasy in hunting down an agent to represent their masterpiece… NO scriveners who extol the joys of counting the rejection letter stacks… NO partakers in the prose parties who cherish the daily scrabble of the Amazon Sales reports as their wee manuscript babies haul in the readers in the singles, twos and threes per day… RIGHT !!! … time to change all that ! …turn it on its head! … in dockland Govan in Glasgow, where I come from, even chess was a school contact sport… I was once chosen as welter-weight on the badminton team … it’s all in yer attitude, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… relish the fight… it IS a jungle out there… savour the entanglement with the morass that constitutes the various and varied query letter submissions to different agencies (why are they not all the same?)… BELIEVE that somewhere in that global publishing you CAN punch yer weight… clear the chessmen, get yer gloves on… have a go… be proud of the rejection slip pile (they tell ye it’s part of REALLY being a writer..oh, Yeah?)… no, Matron, I’m not shouting,… well just a wee bit, maybe,… the syringe?… oh, okay … see yeez later …

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6 responses to “… where I come from in Govan, chess is a contact sport… getting published for the first time is much the same … #TBSU…

  1. Not me…I’m staying well out of that jungle and enjoying the wide open spaces of self-publishing. No-one will ever reject my masterpieces.
    I wish you every success in the struggle, nobody deserves it more.


  2. Best of luck, Seumas! From your earlier post, it sounds like masterpiece #3 has made it out of the starting blocks and into editing. Congratulations! I was never much into boxing myself, and will happily cheer you on from the sidelines with Andrew! Hugs for you both,



  3. jumeirajames

    Reblogged this on iNation.


  4. Always refreshing to hear a bit of encouragement. It’s true enough the pleasure is supposed to be in the writing, not the publishing (notice I avoided the word, fame) but until your writing’s published you doubt it’s any good. And until it starts selling, you doubt even more it’s any good. So start pushing—there’s no other way to get the word out.


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