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Monday, 29 July 2013

It’s All Noah’s Fault – GUEST – Seumas Gallacher #TBSU

There are few more impressive sights in the world than a Scotsman on the make.” James M. Barrie

…it’s all that Builder guy, Noah’s, fault, ye know… #TBSU…
… in the Idiot’s Guide to Being a Compleat Idiotye’ll see my name prominently indexed… through years of assiduous practice, the art of ineptitude has come easily to me… comes the internet generation and my total lack of understanding of how it all WURKS has become the stuff of legend… but out of the darkness, always, a ray of light sparkles… the Mother of All Buzz-Phrases zings into what remains of my little grey cells…‘BULDING THE PLATFORM’… Mister Noah cottoned on to it before the Original Global Warming hit the place …got his pet ardvaaks and zorillas discounted ferry tickets and off he went… survival the name of the game back then… survival the name of the game back now… survival in this new age of self-publishing, of indie quill-scraping… survival by SOSYAL NETWURKIN … here’s how it WURKS, Mabel … ye invest great slugs of yer soul in scribbling yer masterpiece… ye polish up yer editing best ye can, with or without ‘expert’ help (yes, Uncle Fred, I DO know about commas and stuff)… then WHAT TO DO WITH IT? … no use in just throwing it on to the great Amazon Kindle Rollercoaster with no warning to a non-expectant WURLD… ye have to BUILD THE PLATFORM … translated  into normal parlance that means getting yerself out there… become a tenant on the TwitterTurntable …Fraternise the Facebook Franchise… Lurk Loosely onLinkedIn… Goof Around on Goodreads… and Blether away inBlog Land… ye see, ALL ye have to do is change yer wholeF*$%@#ing life… become the Sosyal Chameleon of the Century… indulge friendships with people across the virtual universe… ye’ll be astonished how strong these links become… DON’T become the Begging Spammer pleading for readers to purchase/download yer tomes… rather build personalized relationships as ye would in any other BUSINESS… because that’s precisely what it is, Mabel…theBUSINESS end of being a Literary Layabout… taste it… relish it… embrace it all… oh, and look out for the next flood warning… see yeez later…
Seumas Gallacher is an author who blogs in a distinctive style. He has written two thrillers, with a third on the way.
A warm and humourous man, Seumas is proud of his Glasgow roots. Not many people know he is a Scots Gaelic speaker; so good indeed that he has a number of Am Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail or MOD medals to his name.
Although he lives in the UAE, his writing is exciting, with topical, explosive thrillers set in exotic locations

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