… ye’ve heard of ‘Life Imitating Art’… but, ‘Life Imitating MY crime thrillers?’… gerroff ! …#TBSU…

… it’s that feeling of, ‘deja vu all over again,’ Mabel… kinda tingly, spooky, and scary all in one dose… I lay no claim to any ability to foresee the future … (else I’d have coined a fortune already on forecasting racing results)… indeed, I usually can’t even  tell yeez what I’m gonna have for lunch today, let alone track still-to-be-unfolded occurrences… imagine then, how unsettling things have become of late… seems that my crime thriller novels, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK (…convenient product placement Amazon Kindle links appended below,  …a-hem…)… are being utilised as planning blueprints for some seriously-very-not-nice activity … a couple of months back, a ‘well-prepared gang at Brussels airport relieved the owners of the task of having to sell a stack of diamonds by nicking them and disappearing into thin air’... (by the way,why is it always ‘thin air’? …what’ve people got against ‘thick air’?) … and just a few days ago, at that bastion of understated opulence, Cannes, interest temporarily switched from what the current batch of actresses are ALMOST wearing, to a ‘slight change of ownership’ of a clutch of jewellery … apparently the then custodians of the sparklers felt disinclined to argue the point with the wrong end of a loaded weapon… the same location formed a neat backdrop to a similar ‘transfer of pockets’ for other glittery things during the Cannes Philm Phestival … however untidy all that may appear, the embarrassment for this ol’ Jurassic is that the phone has been ringing off the hook… the lads at Interpol weren’t trying to flog me tickets to the International Policemen’s Ball… and the calls from the ‘other’ gravelly, heavily-accented voices requesting more copies of my next novel, SAVAGE PAYBACK, while useful for the Amazon Kindle rankings, may well bode uncomfortable future happenstance for this quill-scraper … it’s a WURRY, Mabel… meantime, several suggestions have also reached me that I write a novel where all the politicians on the planet get eliminated by some strange affliction… now, where did I leave my crystal ball?… see yeez later… Matron’s here with that bluudy syringe…


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14 responses to “… ye’ve heard of ‘Life Imitating Art’… but, ‘Life Imitating MY crime thrillers?’… gerroff ! …#TBSU…

  1. I hope you have good alibies!


  2. laurie27wsmith

    An interesting look at the subject Seumas. I have found with my literary *cough* offerings that life and art cross boundaries. You write something and people say, ‘Oh that doesn’t happen, or never will. Pure fantasy.’ In my third book (released next month) a character happily makes explosive devices which he leaves around his home then hits the toe. Naturally there is a huge police presence and bomb disposal/explosions happening. ‘Never happen here in Oz,’ claim the naysayers. For the past week in nearby Ipswich, Queensland, the bomb squad have been finding and detonating devices. The idiot making them blew his hand off. *it worked* There are other events that occur, my first book one of the nasties kept young women in his cellar/dungeon for years. Never happen they say, then you see that Castro chap in the States with his harem in the basement.
    Now then perhaps we could collaborate on the politician issue………


  3. It is not surprising to me, Seumas. Some considerable years (maybe decades) ago, I wrote a sci fi novel. Now, most of it has remained securely within its pages, but one part escaped into real life – namely that soaring arch of beauty, constant maintenance and accident blackspot – the Orwell Bridge (crossing the River Orwell close to Ipswich, England, for those that don’t know). Just such a bridge had I written about – while the local politicians and planners were still contemplating building a tunnel instead! I have cause to believe that a lawsuit would prove highly unlikely to succeed, sadly.


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  5. Who needs the UN when we have Master Gallacher? Writer of wrongs, or rather writer of rights. Whatever he dreams up comes to pass. Matron had better be putting good stuff in that drip that’s all I can say.


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