…we gotta get out of this place… if it’s the last thing we ever do… #TBSU…

…any old lag’ll tell ye… time distorts when ye’re serving time in the pokey… I’ve only been in Facebook Jail again for 24 hours… but it feels like a whole day… they don’t let ye mix much with the other inmates… too much like ‘friending’, which is the biggest NO-NO in the thou-definitely-shalt-nots’ on Master Zuckerberg’s storm-troopers’ offences list… fear not, however, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… this ol’ Jurassic’s WURKIN on a plan of escape…  I could tell yeez what it is…  but, then I’d have to kill yeez… (I learned that from my mate, Bobby Di Nero)… suffice to say, it may involve a combination of elements that have proven WURKABLE in the past… think Trojan Horse… imagine Stevie McQueen on his souped-up motorbike… summon up images of Colditz… cast yer minds back to that bloke, ‘ARRY WHO-DEENI... and wee bits of Davy Copperfield (no, Mabel, not the one from Chuck Dickens... the one that made the whole of China disappear into a melon on TV once)… now yeez start to have an idea of the sheer scale of my proposed audacity… when (not ‘if’) it WURKS, there will no doubt be the usual clamour for international publishing rights of my post-event written account of my ingenious escapade… movie scripts may barter as they please, but only my pal, Marty Scorcese gets a look-in to do the Hollywood blockbuster for it… beating the Facebook Jail system is not easy… and some SKEPTIKKS may SKOFF their SKULLS off… however, great moments in history are made by abnormal actions… and for some it is thrust upon us… okay, sweet Destiny, thrust away… this Scots nutter is ready to step into posterity as ‘THE LITTLE QUILL-SCRAPER THAT COULD’… these will be moments to tell yer grandchildren about… now where did I leave that phone number for Doctor Who?… see yeez later…


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2 responses to “…we gotta get out of this place… if it’s the last thing we ever do… #TBSU…

  1. laurie27wsmith

    There’s nothing like doing porridge on Facebook Seumas, a little solitary never hurt anybody. 🙂


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