…WTF???… just what authors need… another way to reduce yer sales income… #TBSU…

…is it because I’m Scottish?… or am I SO dumb I always miss the point of stuff?…, now, in fairness, I’ve never ever claimed to be a descendent of Albie Einstein… and most days when real education was being thrown around in my school, I was out on field trips, counting fields… but I cannot for the life of me take in what I read today without expressing that ‘Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?’ mnemonic, WTF?... as anyone who reads this blog regularly will know, I’m frequently at odds with Master Zuckerberg‘s minions, and invariably end up in the old Facebook Slammer… comes now the risk of putting the Amazon Kindle noses out of joint… don’t mistake me, I’m not one readily to bite the hand that feeds… the Amazon Kindle phenomenon has been generous to me and my novels so far… BUT, BUT, BUT… here comes the new deal, the Kindle Matchbook Program … maybe I’m missing something in the small print, but I paraphrase in quote… ‘…lets yeez offer yer Kindle Book at a discount when they (customers) buy yer print book….’ …unquote… as if the quill-scraper society suffers not enough from whiners who won’t pay more than the price of a sausage roll for a year’s WURK in the form of yer masterpieces… they want to make it even cheaper!… flog yer wares at prices lower than a snake’s belly in a trench… what am I not understanding here, Mabel?… but there’s more nonsense involved than merely asking yeez to surrender yer royalty fortunes to the miser brigades… they expect the customer to buy a print copy AND then buy a Kindle copy… forgive my ingenuousness here, but I personally have NEVER bought TWO copies of the same book in my life… I don’t expect stampeding swarms of the reader universe out there to act any differently… yes, Matron, I am shouting again, I know, I know… yes, one syringe-load’ll be fine…  see yeez later…


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21 responses to “…WTF???… just what authors need… another way to reduce yer sales income… #TBSU…

  1. My publisher has enrolled all titles in the programme. The proof of the over-egged pudding – to mix my Great British Bake Off metaphors…


  2. let me see …to do this, I’ll need to offer my Kindle version at 77p….which nets me 20p per sale….and I rarely sell a paperback anyway….never heard of anyone who does both.
    It’s not one for us little people…maybe makes sense for Mrs Rowling & Mrs 50 shades


  3. Thanks for your insight. Sometimes, an undercurrent of idiocy flows through the publishing business with the writer-unfortunately-holding the exposed wires.


  4. Maybe the folks at the top are tired of seeing the upstart authors going head to head with their power sellers on eBook sales. Have to make them feel all nice and secure.


  5. It might have made a little more sense to offer a discount on a print book if they bought the kindle so they could give our wonderful books out as gifts’ but it would be easier to give a kindle copy away with each paperback away than offer ball breaking discounts. That at least might tempt them in more than a discounted Kindle book. It’s like I’m often forced to say about Government Policy, “Who the hell do they employ to think these things up”?


  6. Seumas, once again you echo my thoughts.


  7. laurie27wsmith

    Yup, the idiots are running the asylum. Oh can I say idiots? 🙂


  8. Nice one Seumas. Could it be a conspiracy…er… a plan… er… or a STRATURGIE?

    AMAZIN’ don’t do something for nothing. How good is the margin on a £8 ($12) paperback? How good is the margin on a £1 eBook? If you could sell a paperback at full margin, and an eBook alongside, what’s the outcome and who gets the gelt?

    Now, throw in publishers, mmm… they’re going for it too (as reported above). It’s a way to improve margins for them.

    Any views on the benefit to we scribblers? It’s easy to be cynical. I’m wondering, how might we benefit from this.


    • .. as per usual, everything I scribble on the blog’s to be taken with a pinch of something or other… I merely try to catalyse a few thoughts of provocation.. But I’m certain that the vast majority of scribblers out there will not see their christmas Ferraris delivered through profitable attachment to this latest marketing brain wave … 🙂


  9. jumeirajames

    Well Seumas the answer to this paradox is simple – the people who run Amazon/ Kindle have never written a book in their life so they have no idea how it works in the real world.
    They probably have MBAs though – which explains it even further.


  10. Makes us Corporals in the ‘Ink Army’ itchy Seumas…I was looking forward to that Ferrari…hmmm…guess I’ll have to keep up with garrison duty…glad you’re out there scouting the fields for us! March on I say!


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