…authors’ self-marketing?…yeez put on yer best frock to go to the Publishing Ball… just like Cinderella… #TBSU…

…some things are unavoidable in this life… not being able to eat just one peanut from a packet… never finding a taxi when it’s raining… unable to remember what name Ms J.K.Rowling is using today… the latest bane, according to many of the blog posts I’ve read recently, is the need for authors, self-publishing or otherwise, to market themselves and their WURKS… admittedly some of us belong to the Literary-Shrinking-Violets Society… others blossom in the rich bloom of the Writers Ghetto-Blasting-Equivalent in Self-Advertising... sadly, there is no middle ground… for the legions of those veering timidly toward the ‘excuse-me-can-I-trouble-yeez-for-a minute-about-my-WURK’ constituency, IT’S TIME TO GET SHOUTING... regardless if yer masterpiece is picked up by an agent and/or a publisher, yeez still have to get the megaphone belting out by yerself… separate the quill-scraper persona from the darling-of-the-SOSYAL-NETWURKIN-circuit being that propagates yer tomes to the universe… subjugate the Shy Sherman within… suppress the Timid Tammy… remember that marvellous sequence in ‘Pretty Woman’ where Julia Roberts’ pal tells her to ‘WURK it baby’ and she proceeds to swing that delightful derriere Richard Gere-ward… so, once ye’ve penned or typed ‘THE END’ , it’s time to ‘WURK it baby’… yeez put on yer best frock to go to the Publishing Ball… bang the drum on Twitter, Facebook,  Any-Other-Channel-Yeez-Can-Think-Of, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Blog like Billy-o,  just get it out there, loud and clear… what’s the worst thing that can happen?… folks may not want to buy or download yer books… but hey, that’s no worse off than if yeez never did any self-advertising at all, right?… and who knows, Prince Charming of the Publishing Gods may just chance upon yer glass slipper… what’s to lose?… c’mon Lads and Lassies of Blog Land…  get yer frocks out, let’s go to the Ball… see yeez later…

cindersred dress


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13 responses to “…authors’ self-marketing?…yeez put on yer best frock to go to the Publishing Ball… just like Cinderella… #TBSU…

  1. I think Richard Gere is a bit out of your league Seumas!
    Fair comment otherwise as always. It leaves the question: how BEST to shout about the “wurk”? I mean, we know we’re brilliant, why won’t anyone else believe us? It’s not like we make stuff up for a living…oh wait…


  2. Well….maybe, and if you and I were the only people shouting, it might work, but as it is….probably not.
    I follow about 200 people on Twitter, if each of them sent ONE post a day, containing the inevitable link to a book, a blog, a YouTube video, links to writing advice, stale old jokes, trite quotes or whatever and I actually took 2 minutes to click on it & look at it that’s over 6 hours.
    People such as yourself, use the robot programmes to send out stuff every few minutes, ads for the book, the blog, long lists of other Twitter users with no context, and then the endless retweets of similar stuff from other people so they’ll retweet your stuff. If you didn’t use a robot, nobody would see your stuff, if you do it just turns into background noise.
    Having lots of followers is the way to go, we’re told, so maybe you’ll be receiving and sending endless links to thousands of people. Who can possibly cope with such a flood of….for the most part….rubbish.
    You might as well hold your book up at a football match and start shouting about it.
    Since we’re told that touting the book should only be 10% of your posts, or whatever, people are desperately trying to build up some Twitter personality for themselves, which usually consists of recycling the same tired quotes & links. I mean, how often would you go out for a drink with someone who kept reading the Dictionary of Quotations at you and shoving newspaper articles under your nose?
    Some people might get lucky, but it’ll be because they achieve their platform elsewhere…there’s just way too much shouting going on now and nobody’s listening
    Answers? Not me squire….I quite liked writing my stuff, those who read it mostly liked it, but I don’t have 48 free hours a day to be on the internet hawking it….financially I’d see an infinitely better eturn doing 4 hours a week at McDonalds…or teaching a couple of English lessons.
    Good luck to you Seumas, I wish you every success, but the constant shouting is not for me


    • .. I can’t disagree with any of that, chief… however, I can only speak from my own experience to date, and it’s still working for me,,,, admittedly it’s not for everybody, and BTW , a lot of my blog stuff as you know is tongue-in-cheek..


      • I have always taken ALL your blog posts literally, and am shocked to find that you have been misleading me as to all these hospital people!
        I am very glad it works for you, and hope it continues to do so. I am saving up for Savage Payback,


  3. Alas, it seems I lack the proper dress sense or to put it another way my best dress is at the cleaners. I’ve twittered and tweeted and I’ve Ffffacebooked till I’m blue if the Fffface.I have a nice Pinterest page with my books on ( and lots of others) as well as a blog which has a page permanently devoted to my Masterwurks…….But, I’m shouting through the letter box of life and no-one’s home or they’re wearing earmuffs to drown out the shouting of so many of us at the same time.
    I think at the end of the day the ingredient that takes us to the top of the totem- provided our Wurk is reasonable of course- is sheer luck. The right person catching the tweet, the blog post or Bookbuzzr advert at just the right time and maybe, just maybe, I getz a new frock for the ball.


  4. Check YER email inbox Man, I’m sittin’ here WAITiN’ on ye 🙂


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