…I’ll get ‘BUY’ with a little help from my friends… doncha just LUV ‘viral’ ? … #TBSU…

…I’m cogitating here in my wee virtual candle-lit garret and the WURLD looks good today… the interim report card is in… my newest fledgling crime thriller masterpiece… (…oh, the sheer modesty of the man!…) …is performing well in its first full week of exposure to the reading universe… SAVAGE PAYBACK took its first nervous steps onto the Amazon Kindle stage about this time last weekend… this doting author parent is gratified at the reception so far… the reviews have begun to appear on the Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com pages as well as on Goodreads… and all have been generous to date… (…swift ‘phew’ and wipe of the brow…)… the domino effect has started… in Webby-Speak that translates into ‘going viral’… kind friends share the book’s  presence with their contacts, and they ask them all to do the same,… and them to do the same… and them…. well, yeez get the picture… the last time I had anything viral going on was when I caught a dose of the measles as a child about a hundred years ago… all jesting aside, I am grateful to the nth to those wonderful folks who’ve taken time to do an HONEST review for me… the depth and quality of reviews is staggering… for an ol’ Jurassic quill-scraper there’s NUTHIN to beat knowing that yer WURK’s being appreciated, particularly among yer own species, the scribbler brigade… sometimes when giving thanks, yeez say, ‘there’s so many to acknowledge, so it’s daft to try to name them all…’ …that’s happening right now… let me just bow in all humility to the tons of yeez who’ve Re-Tweeted the launch details, shared it on yer Facebook pages, and put it onto yer Goodreads links… ye’re making a happy man very old… LUV YEEZ…

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UK   http://amzn.to/1gTgJh0

US   http://amzn.to/16hKHci



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7 responses to “…I’ll get ‘BUY’ with a little help from my friends… doncha just LUV ‘viral’ ? … #TBSU…

  1. Congrats on the best viral infection ever 😉
    And many thanks for mentioning.


  2. That’s great! Congratulations!


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