Stray cat

…my friend, Jane Dougherty demonstrates yet again her beautiful word smith talent.. enjoy this 🙂

Jane Dougherty Writes

He sits on the doorstep, the little stray cat,

ears twisting every which way

eyes darting back and forth

unwilling to hold my gaze.

I open the door slowly

watch him tense and quiver

next to the bowl of food half-eaten

that I leave to salve my conscience.

He eyes the door, the gap that opens

Sniffs the smell of warm quiet and other cats.

He gathers a hero’s courage

to still those back legs

quivering with desire to spring away.

More than food he wants to slip

a grey shadow

and hide among the mysteries of sanctuary.

I see a longing in those frightened eyes

for something all of us were meant to have.

A home

a place where there is no rain no cold

where no one with a careless laugh

will drive him from the dirt kept dry

beneath his curled frame.

I leave the door ajar…

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