… ‘multi-tasking’ is the ability to procrastinate on several things at the one time… #TBSU…

…genius, me… I’ve discovered the art of deflecting non-time-precious activity to some nebulous future timing… don’t mistake me, I DO focus well, but have learned ‘focus’ is best applied to only one or two issues… everything else is just ‘stuff’… that’s where the multi-tasking ploy kicks in… yeez’ll understand that being a prospective Iconic Author demands almost unlimited blethering (…that’s Scots for ‘gossiping’, ‘chattering’, ‘chin-wagging’, Mabel…) on the SOSYAL NETWURKIN circuit… I’m not certain if Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and LinkedIn would actually collapse if I wasn’t perpetually present on them, but yeez can’t take chances in this WURLD… I read extensively of others’ blogs and mutterings on these channels, and note a wide set of opinions on the efficacy of being active on them… some aver it takes too much time from the business of writing… others lament the diversion of much-needed scribbling and thinking time for their masterpieces… then comes a clutch of Web Dwellers who obviously were born to be on the Internet as their stuff is so good… well, chacun to his own gout, as the French say… my take on it sits more to the being-on-here-and-plugging-in brigade… those of yeez who’ve flattered me by following this blog for any length of time will know I regularly spout on about the BUILDING THE PLATFORM ethos… considered wisdom seems to say the days of being just a quill-scraper are past… the need to be heard above the literary babble is constant… ergo, all yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who desire to be acknowledged out there as authors are strongly advised to don a different skin and become yer own mouthpieces… it goes against the grain for many of yeez, I know, but agents and publishers will NOT be the primary sellers of yer wares… that push has to come from yerselves… hence the need to multi-task on the ether-waves… embrace it… LUV IT… fake it ’til ye make it… but DO it… yes, Matron, I’m screaming again… one bluudy syringe -load’ll do… see yeez later …



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6 responses to “… ‘multi-tasking’ is the ability to procrastinate on several things at the one time… #TBSU…

  1. Regretably it’s true, the world is deprived of my Literury Geenius since I have to spend so much time on mail and in blogland, despite having pared everything else to the quick.. Still, by routing all my outpourings through several different countries and time zones, not to mention time warps ( I’m sure I said not to mention those) the authorities will probably never catch me.
    Along with this incredible POD revolution we have all had to become masters of trumpeting our own accomplishments through an ethereal megaphone online. I wish my employment had held as many promotions. Still, we seem to be getting the hang of it would you say?


  2. I have decided to concentrate exclusively on churning out literary masterpieces and wait until I am dead for them to sell.
    Posthumous fame is MUCH less work.

    PS Buy all my books once I croak


  3. That definition of multitasking is a keeper! I may just tattoo it on my tush 🙂 Your literary genius shines through on this blog, Seumas.


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