…let he among yeez who’ve already won a Pulitzer Prize be the first to cast a negative review… #TBSU…

ALERT  ALERT  ALERT… yet another of this daft old Scotsman’s waxing FILOSOFIKAL again…

…there’s an uncannily strong correlation between the Negative Nellies of this WURLD and their propensity to carp at everyone else… I’m sure yeez’ve all seen enuff of them in yer time… the quickest-off-the-mark-at-blaming-the-rest-of-the-planet-for-their-own-lack-of-success pedlars… the intrinsic Losers-in-Life’s-Lottery from sheer lack of trying… real people know that yeez don’t always have to be Number One on the podium, just so long as yeez give stuff yer best shot… if this ol’ Jurassic has learned anything in the muddle through staying alive this long it is quite simply this… ‘…to keep something, yeez  have to give it away…’ … no, Mabel, I’m not yacking on about money and tangible things… I mean the important intangibles… fr’example, generosity of spirit… encouraging others yeez meet on a regular or even a one-time basis… a WURD of appreciation… a smile of affirmation… it might be the only positive thing that happens in that person’s day… for we quill-scrapers, dwelling in the virtual candle-lit garrets of the Web, it can be a very lonely place… a touch of humanity from yer fellows can transform the way the universe looks… I’ve said it before, and I’ll bore yeez silly with it again and again and again… help yer writing family everywhere yeez can… ReTweet sumb’dy’s success… share on Facebook a triumph for yer neighbour’s WURK… and if we’re doing a review for sumb’dy, be HONEST, but don’t crucify their labours… let he or she among yeez who’ve already won a Pulitzer prize be the first to cast a negative review… remember we all have dreams… it costs NUTHIN to reinforce the hope that drives the scribbler’s toils… so, go virtually hug a writer today… yeez’ll feel as good as yer huggee… see yeez later … LUV YEEZ….



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5 responses to “…let he among yeez who’ve already won a Pulitzer Prize be the first to cast a negative review… #TBSU…

  1. I’m reluctant to say “Being nice never hurt anyone” because I just know there’ll be a smart example of how it could but it’s a nice philosophy to lie by as long as you’re wearing body armour. As for the encouragement to Hug, I’m all for that as I’m the self-designated Prince of Hugs and stick them in anywhere I won’t get my face slapped.
    In the interests of Comedy maybe it’s time I went against convention and asked if I could have your email to interview you for my blog? Drop me a line at mikproju@talktalk.net if you’re willing Seumas.


  2. Seumas, as always, you are priceles. Virtual hug sent, along with some duck tape and a paper clip so you can MacGuyver your way away from the minders to a nice ice cream parlor!


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